Macbook Air M1 Display Freeze

I have the 8GB Macbook Air M1 2020 that is running on MacOS Big Sur Version 11.1. For some reason every time I run hearthstone within an hour or two the game freezes my display. I noticed this issue ONLY happens when I run hearthstone and not any other applications. The game is still running in the background and all of my audio still plays. I have tried resetting my Mac’s NVRAM and SMC to try to solve the problem but it still persists.


Having the exact same issue with the same system. It looks like this has been an issue for a while according to this thread: Hard crash on M1/Silicon Macbook.

i have the same issues

Same issue for me with m1 MacBook Pro.

Yep, same here. M1 mini with 16 gigs of RAM and two displays. Doesn’t matter which display I have it on, it will randomly freeze the display. Everything is still running in the background. Even though the mouse can move to the other display, it’s pretty much unusable unless I disconnect the HDMI and reconnect it, then everything starts moving again for a few minutes. I’ve also had one or to really hard crashes.

Unfortunately, Blizzard, your software is absolutely the only thing on my mac that does this or that crashes.

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Same issue here on M1 Mini

same for me m1 macbook air

You can try the iPad hearthstone Apps And tell me but it works ?