Hard crash on M1/Silicon Macbook

Without any apparent reason, Hearthstone crashes the entire OS, and the Mac remains irresponsive: no buttons work, including the touch bar. Hearthstone’s sounds are still audible but we are forced to manually restart the device. This happens in the new Macbook Pro with M1/ARM processor.


Exact same situation. Very frustrating. I noticed that the same thing was the case for WoW players (https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/macbook-air-m1-game-crashing/208561) but it appears to be fixed now. I hope the same solution can come across to HS.

This has been happening to me too that I just bought on black friday. I thought it was my macbook that was malfunctioning. I even made an appointment to get it checked out at the genius bar LOL.

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This is happening to me as well with an M1 Mac Mini, although it is not a hard crash (you can still SSH into the machine and reboot or force a logout by killing the Windowserver). Having the Windowserver lock up effectively is a full crash for most Mac OS users.

When are we getting a fix Blizzard?

Same issue here with M1 MacBook Pro. The issue seemed fixed for me, but now occurring again with the new patch release. I mostly cannot finish 1 game until the OS freezes.

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Same here. Before last patch the problem seems solved. After them it’s crashing before second turn… very frustrating. Hope, it will be fixed, but afraid, MacBook Users are not the important users for Blizzard.

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I suggest everyone who reads this create a new post on this forum. It’s easier for the mods to see if 10 people are posting this issue.

My post is here…

This has been happening to me its every 3-5 games then crash what gives man this has cost me so many games its incredible…

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made my own post as well this is ridiculous

Still a problem. Happens non stop. Hard crash. Have to uninstall game unplayable like this.

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Noticed this for the first time today when my m1 air (16gb, 8 core) is plugged into an external monitor. I’d been playing fine for the last few weeks, although not sure if I had been playing on a monitor or not.

Midway through a game, everything freezes up but audio is still running im the background. I tried logging Console.app to see if there was anything obvious, but it mainly just says “Display driver appears to be hung”. After it happened a third time, it seemed that unplugging my external monitor made WindowServer responsive again. While things were frozen I was actually able to interact with the game but couldn’t see anything change visually.

I assume there’s something crashing the display driver somehow…

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Same problem here. Since it is not fixed yet, i gotta uninstall the game for now.

I have the same issue.
Happened to me 4 times in the last 2 days. This is a really annoying error.

Blizzard, please fix it.

I found a way to just restart the HearthStone app instead of restarting the Mac when the game freezes, so at least I have enough time to reconnect.

I just turned off vsync by adding vsync=0 to the last line of the config file, which is ~/Library/Preferences/Blizzard/Hearthstone/options.txt

The game will still freeze randomly, most likely during playing some card animations. But at least I can just use CMD+Q to quit the Hearthstone and reconnect quickly to avoid lose the game.

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Would love an update on this issue, happens on every M1-based device I have tried playing this game with.

I have now realized that the crashed only occur with an external display attached to the M1 MacBook. I can play for hours on just my M1, but as soon as I attach a Display (HDMI), in every game I get crashes.

My USB-C Monitor is still on its way, so I will try to get more info on this.

What sucks about this is people who have Minis where you have no option but to use an external display :confused:

You can try the iPad hearthstone Apps And tell me but it works on m1 mac ?

It does not work on M1 Mac with the iPad app either, same issue.

It seems the issue has been fixed. I have played HS on my M1 mac mini for a few days and it has not crash anymore. It used to crash every 10 - 20 minutes.