Lot's of missing cards

I know i have a few missing cards. I’ m sure because i haven’t cards that i use a lot some time ago.

Those cards were part of the 2023 Core set, on loan from Blizzard.

Earlier this week Blizzard updated the Core set for 2024, adding some cards and removing others.

Be glad you got to use them for free for a year.


Shuteye it seems like your job is to shut everyone down here on the forum and say they probably made mistake and Blizzard it the best. Thank you for nothing. My cards are missing and they are cards from 2020 so there is no way they were rotated and I have not disenchanted them. You are what we call a company man

Some cards have been in the Core set for multiple years. Not every Core card rotates every year. Yes, there is every way the cards you’re missing were rotated, and it’s not a matter of being a company shill to point this out. These are just facts on the ground.

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I know very well he is being a company shill based on his posts. I know I’m right and these cards have disappeared from my collection after the last update, so therefore I stand with all these other people who claim the same. Shuteye is just banging on the same response no matter what the people say. I have created some of these cards and therefore they could not have been rotated back as the core set as he says….

He’s trying to help people with their confusion about the Core set rotation. Your characterization is unkind, and unfair. As far as I can tell, nobody is defending Blizzard; rather many of us are simply explaining how things actually work, in the (vain) hope of mitigating the same confusion for other readers of the forum.


Imagine my frustrations. I have crafted the card in question. It was not loaned to me. I know this 100%. Support is not helpful at all, sending me in the end to this forum to submit a bug report ticket. All you get on the forum is the same thing you get from the support: “No, you’re incorrect, you must’ve done a mistake.” Luckily I didn’t invest nothing else than hundreds hours of time into this game so there is not financial loss on my part. I feel sorry for people who invested lots of money into this game and receive no help at all that’s the main reason I participate in this discussion

This is the problem I am having with your statements. Core cards are literally loaned to every player. You cannot play Hearthstone without having Core cards being loaned to you. This is a basic fact of the game, and you refuse to acknowledge it, so it’s hard to take anything else you say seriously.


I have a similar issue now and am getting nowhere with a Support ticket. I am missing in upwards of 75 cards. I even have a streaming video of me crafting Alexstrasza the Life-Binder years ago to make a Mage deck. This card is also missing.

I do not manually disenchant anything (I am a card hoarder.). I crafted at least half of these cards because I wanted the Collection achievements (I had 100% up until the last expansion.). I am pretty disappointed that I keep getting form letters back from support that I already read online before creating a ticket.

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Please share a link to this impossible video. Alexstrasza the Life-Binder became craftable this year on March 11

Yeah shut up man, I keep repeating I have crafted some of the cards yet no one is listening to me. I’m leaving this forum and hearthstone forever.

No you do not.

Until last week, that card ONLY existed as part of the Core set. It was never part of any expansion. It was not possible to craft it, or open it from packs.

Perhaps you have confused it for this card? See how its name is just “Alexstrasza”, not “Alexstrasza the Life-Binder”?

Legendary · Minion · undefined · Battlecry: Set a hero

@SleepyBear, I hope you are watching!


Good luck with everything

I’m still watching, I’m still standing by my statement that Loxtharion the Redeemed has disappeared from my collection and I have crafted it from dust about 4 months ago. My memory is very good and I don’t drink so I could not have accidentally disenchanted it, and it has happened after the update, which can’t be a coincidence and it has to be some sort of mistake which the support doesn’t solve

It was a Core card at that time. If you had searched standard/wild in your collection, you would have found the Core version, which is of course uncraftable.

Since it is from an older set, it still would have been possible to craft it, but only if you specifically searched in the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire wild set.

Do you recall doing that?

Also, the card is spelled Lothraxion, not Loxtharion. This seems a long shot, but is it possible you just mistyped the name when you were searching?


As shutheye says, it is Lothraxion, no Loxtharion.

Also, to anyone interested, here it is a picture list of cards that exited core this year 2024 (in the left) and entered core this year 2024 (in the right)


if you want to use a wild card that exited core, you can search the expansion set where it has printed here:


and filter ingame for expansion

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The detail (I don’t know if I should call it a bug) is that for some reason, even though they are the same card, internally they are 2 different versions, so when you have the card, and you build the deck, Blizzard gives it “priority” to the cards it lends you, so when the year changes, even if you have it, it disappears from your deck because the one you borrowed disappeared, so you should look for it in the expansion where it came out, and add it again.

A case that you can probably see that has two codes is “Snowflipper Penguin” which is originally from Knights of the Frozen Throne, And that you can currently see in the core.

I leave you the links, you will see that it has 2 codes, and they are the same card, so as I mentioned, internally they are 2 different card even though they are the same (yes crazy, haha)


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No this is not possible, it’s just a typo. I have already crafted the card again since it is a key part of my best deck. This card has disappeared from my collection after the new update, and I’m certain I crafted it around 4 months ago from dust. I will stand by what I say until my cards are returned or I will stop playing because why bother ? Collecting dust for hours and than have cards just disappear ? I can just spare my time and don’t do this again… it’s a shame because I actually liked hearthstone
And btw. Your avatar is Annoy-o-tron - Very fitting…

Well, what more we can say you? shuteye already says, four months ago, the card was “loaned and free”, so for crafting, you need to filter for “Madness at the Darkmoon Faire” (a wild expansion, originally launched in 2020, 4 years ago, and exited standard in 2022, 2 years ago), very unlikely, since 4 months ago was free. So, maybe, just maybe (and i am not saying you have a bad memory) you missremember crafting it. It happens…,

Easy way to figure out the truth here, 4 months ago, did you use lothraxion in standard or in wild