Lightborn Cariel and Goru Mightree

So, here’s the explanation:

  • Goru has a text that says that all Treants have +1/+1 for the rest of the game. Cariel has literally the same text, but +2/+2 for Silver Hand Recruits.

  • When someone uses Lord Barov on treants with the Goru buff, they get set to two health (1 for barov and +1 for the goru buff). Yet, when the same thing happens to the Silver Hand Recruits from Cariel, they are just set to 1 Health. The same thing happens to Soul Mirror, where Treants from Goru when stolen to the opposite side, lose the buff and yours are kept. Silver Hand Recruits stolen by the Soul Mirror keep the buff, when they aren’t even yours.

TLDR: It seems that the Buff from Lightborn Cariel that the Silver Hand Recruits receive is not an aura, but rather a simple buff, while Goru has the same text and works differently.

Yeah, it’s very likely a bug.

Also encountered this when I played Lightborn Cariel followed by Lord Barov. Expected the Silverhand Recruits on the board to be 3/3, but they were 3/1 instead.

Lightborn Cariel’s effect is contiuous, while Lord Barov’s effect is a one-shot, so Cariel’s effect should have priority (apply after Barov’s effect).

Also see:

I also recall using Goru the Mightree in the past and getting the expected results, unlike Cariel.