Legendary Skin Product Description Correction

Hello all,

We’ve recently updated the product description on the Sylvanas Ranger General Legendary Bundle and we wanted to clarify that change.

Some (non-3D) premium Hero Skins are intended to include unique hero power VFX. For the new Legendary (3D) Hero Skins, we wanted the focus to be on the 3D hero model, so the hero portrait has a special animation when you use your hero power, instead. It was brought to our attention that the wording of the Legendary Hero Skin descriptions made it sound like Legendary Hero Skins would have both, so we corrected that wording to make the product description clearer.

This change applies to both the Arthas Menethil Bundle and the Sylvanas Ranger General Legendary Bundle. Customer Service will handle refunds for anybody who purchased these bundles prior to this clarification and wants a refund due to the change.

This is from game master! "This product is marked as consumed and can not be refunded. I do hate to be the messenger in this case. I wish you could’ve contacted us a bit earlier than this, maybe we could’ve helped differently, even with that being said I’ve tried myself to push for an exception to have this refunded for you from our decision makers, but I couldn’t get it.*

Yea…, I didnt get refund. Scammed


Yeah, i could not get a refund for this either. Game Master Paerisill wrongfully stated that “Purchases made with in-game gold are final and cannot be refunded” and “The purchase was also made more than 1 month ago which makes it ineligible for a refund”… I bought with runestones and i pre-order the bundle… smh

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I got refund. 5000 runestones byt i lost 1000 dust.

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