Latest Dust Debacle

Latest Dust Debacle, I had gotten ~9900 dust(evidently this was a mistaken number) and some of my uncraftables were gone, I had ~400 dust beforehand. I crafted 1 legendary (1,600 dust) then when I logged in today I had 0. If I had gotten double the dust then that means i should have still had at LEAST 3,000 dust left (half of 9900 minus the 1,600 from the crafted legendary) on top of everything according to the forum post if I had spent all the dust(As some people had already done) I would have gotten to keep the crafted cards and been at 0! How is that fair? If you can back track how much dust people should have had how is it that you can’t refund the dust they spent remove the cards they crafted and then do the proper calculations? Now people like me who didn’t want to spend ALL the dust immediately get screwed? wtf this leaves a really bad taste in my mouth :confused:

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I get you…… wtf blizzard I am not going to play or spend real money on this game anymore…. I bought 17 packs to dust… don’t offer those packs anymore if you don’t want ppl to buy them and dust them. It says clearly that I have 405 dust, I have received only 250 of it. I have a pic. Fix this! If I knew how to attach the pic I would. I’m going to start telling ppl not to get your game. GIVE ME MY DUST NOW!

But You only have 400, and craf a Legendary by 1600 dust, You must return 1200 to bliz

If you read the forum post there is supposed to be a dust refund, but some people were getting the dust twice. they were supposed to recalculate it so that you only gained what you were supposed to.

Nope , if you expect half dust you are still wrong.
1st problem was

One issue was that several cards were included that weren’t supposed to be included

if all your dust come from this cards you will end not having half , but 0.

that’s why they say

Still leaves the issue of a large number of people who spent the dust immediately, got 9k dust worth of cards while others ended up left out, if the dust went negative at least then it would have been /fair/ I’d rather have negative dust then hear that I /should/ have taken advantage of the situation.

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