Priest + Mage Help Kobolds DR?

Hey! I’ve been having trouble with Priest and Mage dungeon runs in the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. I know it’s very long after release, but can anyone help? I just recently found that it (along with Frozen Throne, which I am also struggling with but that’s another post) is free, but after completing Druid, Shaman, Hunter and Paladin, I haven’t been able to win with Priest and Mage. I’ve gotten to final boss, but never won. Does anyone have any advice on buckets/treasures to pick to make these two easier? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I beat Priest somehow with a no duplicate deck (that did have duplicates due to both a core and classic Lightspawn, with core being from unique bucket), but still struggling with Mage. I’ve seen that Hero Power is overpowered with Justicar’s Ring, but haven’t managed to get them together yet. Will that help?

i wrote my guide for kabolds of all characters in this post. hope it helps…

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I actually did manage to finish all classes soon after I found this guide. It was extremely helpful and thanks for making it!

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