Just a question

hello this is just a question when we buy the bundle with the signature cards do we get the two signature cards right away or do we get them on the date of the new season and if so do we get them within the 5 packs or as we log in the day of the new season ?

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This is the Bug Report forum. Please ask questions in the relevant Discussion forum.

No, this is community discussion forum. Please read which forum you are on before telling people they are on the wrong forum…not for the first time either.

Everyone should have their cards available from purchases when the expansion drops. I read the 13th somewhere, someone else saw the 6th…anyone guess since they didn’t post a date on the store page like they have done for every release until now.

This post was moved. It was in the Bug Report forum. My browser’s History confirms this.

ty bobafett345 for the info much appreciate but brknsoul was right i was on bug report forum at the start and after i edit the forum that i was on to community discussion