Just a note to the forum community

I still remember when D2 was first released…
I was in awe of the creativity of the developers.

I guess what I mean to say, and without going into a big story about it.
There are many of us that fell in love with the content that came out from the company…
The feeling of playing wow the burning crusade for the first time comes to my mind…
We all can still support the many talented artists, level designers, and story writers that are still in the company…

Many who weren’t involved in these terrible accusations.
I only use the word “accusations” loosely because much is still coming to light, but it is clear to my mind that there are skeletons in Blizzards closet.

I, myself… feel however, that I don’t want to see these terrible things destroy the whole of the company.
So, as a community I feel that while, yes, we should speak out against the higher ups, against the fools in their infamy.

I just don’t want to see people using this news to destroy the company totally, as regardless of the many disagreements we all may have with, say, Hearthstone card design, the fact of the matter is in the end we still play the games.

Transparency, and all the ones coming out on twitter that are standing up for woman’s rights looking to weed out the guilty parties involved is paramount, so the guilty will pay for their acts, so that the many creative minds and artists at blizz that aren’t guilty of these acts can continue to take us into the worlds in which we love.


Unfortunately that company no longer exists. These are just video games, we should not be supporting them when the company that is releasing them is exploitative, predatory and cruel towards both their employees and their customers.

Acti-Blizz has been on the way out for a long time and we REALLY should be putting the final nail in the coffin over this. It would be selfish and entitled to do otherwise because again, these are just video games, and you’re leveraging them against human lives at this point.

I know many of you will hate me for typing this but it is 100% the truth.


I agree with you %100. Although I feel for where the OP is coming from and Blizzards past: I agree with you more on Blizzards present and future. I feel as fans of their games we should honor them by burning the company to the ground (figuratively); thus allowing something new to grow and prosper. WoW is not only been on a decline but an all out end of the line. If shadowlands isn’t a testament to this I feel sorry for those that missed the plot.

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No king rules forever, my son…


The big offenders all left before poop hit the fan.

You do what you need to do. But understand this, the WoW team has been ripe with sexual harassment from the very beginning. It didn’t decline, they would have to start murdering people to go below where they started.

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I fully agree with that. Corporate corruption is nothing new, and like many have been saying from the start, its not just in Act/Blizz things like this occur. Leveraging lives? Its also leveraging lives when because of the abhorrent actions of the higher ups that great artist, story writers, could lose their jobs because a bunch @$$hats ran it into the ground. What about the innocent lives of the people that rely on their current employment in the company to pay their bills, and put food on the table.

I am awash with anger, and disgust of the things that are being uncovered about the company.
I am also very worried for the innocent bystanders that goto work every day, work hard and use their talents to provide immersive stories, and world in which we all in this forum community have enjoyed at one point, or another… otherwise why are we still here discussing anything that even relates to blizz?

I want to see the corruption ripped from the ranks, I want the woman of blizzard to be able to continue to go to work, and be a part of the creative spirit that once was blizzard. Bthing about level design, bad card design, terrible game balance is one thing, but the wanting to see blizz burned to the ground because of a bunch of @$$hats doesn’t do any good for anyone…

Speaking of woman employed by the company, would any of you want, say, Liv Breeden to lose her job after all the hard work she has put in bringing new content to Hearthstone. Leveraging lives @BebopDeluxe … What of the hard working woman currently in the company?

These are the very reasons for my thoughts in this thread…
Transparency, and standing up for womans rights… however, doing it in a constructive way…
Anyone wanting to persue Blizzard with an iron fist so as to see it burned to the ground has other agendas other than womans rights.

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I hate to break it to you but it’s mostly @$$hats now. You’re just enabling them further by continuing to support them despite the wealth of evidence that it’s toxic to do so.

The few that aren’t will find other jobs I’m sure. You’re really just using them as a reason to not feel bad for continuing to clamor to the same games you’ve been playing your entire life. I’m sure you “care” but everyone reading this knows that’s not the actual reason behind your continued support.

You’re an adult now. Time to act like one. Step one. Stop supporting horribly corrupt companies. Step two. Get off the video game and go do something worthwhile IRL… actually that’s probably step one.

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Be realistic now…
Do you take medication, or have you even required medication?
If so… than by your take on things… you were supporting “Big Pharma”.

Do like Sports?
If so than you were rooting for, and supporting the business men that own the team, not to mention the whole of “NFL”… to which… the crazy amounts of money is passed around like toilet paper.
Oh, and what about the support of any contact sports that cause dangerous concussions for all players involved.

Your inference to my true intentions is quite arrogant.
To infer that you somehow know the full intent of another individual is absolutely illusory.

Of course I enjoy the video games, theres no denying that.

If you’re so self righteous as to be an individual that does not support large companies, to which any company that is extremely large probability has some type of corruption, than why do you have any account having anything to do with Blizzard?

Why do you even have a forum profile?

Insinuating that I’m an adult that “needs” to grow up…
Buddie, to which soupbox are you standing on?

I don’t support the treatment of woman, or men that fall prey to mistreatment in the workplace.

Question? So, if a group of individuals that belong to a particular race are bad, that means all in that race is bad?

By your logic that would make that question true.
I don’t like corrupt large corporations either, but you know what they exist…
They will continue to exist because of Capitalism…
and Capitalism isn’t going anywhere soon.

I believe as a large group… said group can work together to remove that corruption as much as possible.

Why are we even arguing about this…
You take my thoughts, and feelings in this matter, and try to invalidate them.
That makes no sense to me.

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Blah Blah, more excuses. Pharma? Really? You’re going to compare someone taking drugs that they need to live to you playing a video game? Child you need to get off the computer and get some air, that might very well be the most privileged and entitled reply I have ever read on a video game forum.

But to answer your question, no. I do not take medication, I do not watch sports, I only buy food that is organic and fair trade and overall live a lifestyle that is in-line with my criticism of you. So yes, I can sit here and call you entitled for not having the character to hang up a VIDEO GAME that is ran by a corrupt and predatory corporation.

If you remember the old blizzard you’re likely at least 30 years old. You’re gonna hate this, but it’s time to grow up.

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That sounds quite smugish.

I still think that the argument about “supporting the good people at Blizzard” is valid, and it is too soon to say the opposite. Like maybe the best case scenario will happen, and the company will change in a massive way for the better.

And the most important reason for me to keep playing is that (yeah I am being cynical, selfish, immature and a hypocrite, but…) the game makes me happy.

PD: Also, I am not sure, but it seems that the HS team have not been part of that.

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I don’t agree with the massive amounts of waste humans pollute the planet with, but I still use toilet paper.

I myself require prescriptions, I have severe nerve damage… So yes… I play games… I play HS with one hand… I don’t have the luxury of being able to play games that require two hands.
Big pharma is insanely corrupt…
I know a bit about meds, and types of personalized med treatment as I studied Bioscience…
Majoring as a Bioscience technician.

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What you have to ask yourself as a consumer is whether your purchases will cause harm to anyone. Avoiding purchasing products which included animal experimentation in development is a good example.

You have to ask yourself if purchasing Blizzard products will reward sexism / sexual harassment or indirectly encourage further instances. My personal belief is that it will not cause harm directly or indirectly to anyone.

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There is a natural reciprocity in all things.
For everything you change there’s always, both an indirect, and direct change upon something else.

I also understand difference of opinion, yet I’m not playing the white knight, and running off, changing something based how I understand things with the thought that there are zero chances of negative consequences.

Sometimes you can’t just be uprooted from your job to go off, and find another, regardless of whether it pays the same, or not.

I’m not the one that jumped to conclusions about some other guys opinions, feelings, knowledge…

I made the thread so as to find others like minded, so that we could speak out publicly about how wrong said type of treatment is wrong. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the most impact.

The absolute obliteration of Bizzard has more negative consequences than some may realize.
I’m all for shanking these perpetrator’s up, and out of there cubicles, positions of power, so that they may receive the judgement they deserve. HOWEVER, I do not agree with burning Blizzard to the ground screaming Hallelujah, all down in my pulpit as a holier than thou, messenger of god.

Yes, I can be quite the smart@$$.

Blizzard is also going to be very effected financially, regardless whether you buy, or use there products, or not.

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Blizzard is far too “powerful” to be obliterated by this lawsuit. When they are found guilty, they will let some people go and release the obligatory apology on the internet.

To obliterate Blizzard, you would need to attack their income and even though many people stopped playing their games in solidarity, its easily not enough and many will come back again when all of it is over. In fact i strongly assume many will come back even sooner, because D2:Resurrected is a thing.

I mean, just look at the ongoing hate against EA for at least a decade now. They arent going out of business and Blizzard wont either. Even if there would be the impossible punishment of closing Blizzard, they can just open up a new company selling the same IPs. So California would not only have to close Blizzard but also take all the IPs and sell them randomly and that is never going to happen. I doubt California is even able to do that.

So its still the customers who would need to bring Blizzard down and that is also not going to happen. So dont worry mate, you will get your games.

Dude! Old Blizzard was doing this!!!

You are so outraged by this, but somehow you managed to not understand what happened?

How can you be so outraged and skip over the principal details of the scandal?

Diablo 2 was made by a small team, Blizzard now is a corporation and their developing process/target is different as well. Small studios have more freedom in their decision-making, so the final product has a more individual feeling to it. The current situation is just the result of the corporate structure. Blame corporation, not the company itself, women are persecuted on a daily basis in any large business by their supervisors but they are afraid to speak out to don’t lose the job.