Joymancer Jepetto quest didn’t complete

There’s a new Whizbang’s Workshop quest in which you must “play or destroy 1 Joymancer Jepetto.” My opponent played one and I promptly destroyed it, but the quest is still uncompleted.



If you want the HS Deck Tracker link to the match, by all means PM, Call my cell, or email me.

Same. Since i dont have the card im relying on destroying him, which did not give me credit.


Guess we have another instance of another $40K wasted on education.

yeah it does not complete right now if you destroy a jepetto, you have to play one yourself for now.

Same here, don’t have the legendary and took long enough to find someone with it that it’d be nice for it to work

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Yeah destruction is bugged rn, bummer


Oh I’m sure with their skills and technology they will be able to find all the people that already completed it and award credit much like they do when they add achievements that are instantly completed because you’ve already met the requirements.

Of course thinking about it a second time, it would take forethought and a willingness to perform work related to their position so don’t hold your breath on that.

Fyi Paladin deck in tavern brawl right now has Jepetto if you don’t own the legendary


As a workaround, tomorrow’s brawl will apparently have a paladin deck running it :person_shrugging:

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same issue here, killed the bugger 3 times, no completion credit

Same killed him 5 times now no complete

I dont want to craft a crappy legendary just to progress a quest… why cant we skip ahead?

EDIT: The current tavern brawl paladin deck has him and playing does give credit even though destroy seems broken

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Thanks for this tip, has been really helpful!

PS ‘Savour it, nothing lasts’ — or something like it regarding the brawl in question, so one might want to hurry…

Exactly the same problem for me aswell… Played so many matches to finally find one because I don’t have the card, just to not get the quest…

I did play Jepetto, but i can’t start a game, marks error

Edit: Put this first because it’s more important. Last time this error occurred (don’t remember which card it was for) the issue was they’d programmed it so you had to destroy your OWN copy, so if you happen to summon Jepetto somehow, try killing it yourself and seeing if that works.
Also, I don’t own the card either, but I made up this deck to try and generate the card (Go ahead and replace any cards you don’t have except Paparazzi, since those are good for generating Jepetto). Also note: I made the deck to draw cards and generate Jepetto (hence Warlock for HP), not to win games.


Edit: Removed a couple filler cards to add more card draw. This’ll be the last edit I make to it, though. Test for yourself if you’d like to come up with something better (I’m sure you can, I made this deck in five minutes).


Same. Destroyed a Jepetto and didn’t get the gems. Since this is the first of the quests, and the only specific one, would be nice if it worked.

Same issue, finally ran into 1 and killed it the turn it came out and 0 credit, dont have card since its p2w

Yall, just play tavern brawl, ik shaman and paladin have jepetto in their decks, im sure other classes have him.

thats how I completed iy

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