Joymancer Jepetto challenge doesn't work

It’s bugged. So is the taunt one. I don’t care about this event anymore lmao

Yeah, they planned to make Jepetto a free legendary, but changed their mind right before the release

works for me. i played him and then quest cleared.

It didn’t work for me when I killed my opponent’s Jepetto, but it may have been because they conceded soon after.

It cleared when I played my own.

Do you have the card? im looking for some help with the quest pls, i just need kill it .

Yes I have, sorry I didn’t read the forum regularly. I can play now if you want…

Over 50 games and not a single Jepetto seen.

And I don’t have it in any of my packs.

Silly idea to make it a specific card for the first quest.

That card is so bad, you’ll get the reward before seeing any :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

Jepetto was in the Paladin deck for the Brawl that ran when the event started. That obviously doesn’t help at this point in time, but it was technically possible for everyone at that time.

do you have stars align or excavate shaman

at least it been easy for me to pull jeepetto wit those