Join the Pre-Launch Party and Reap the Rewards!

Join the Pre-Launch Party and Reap the Rewards!

Don’t miss out on the Card Reveal Livestream, Theorycrafting Livestreams, or Twitch Drops!

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I will dodge all of this so hard.


Why? At the very least open Twitch in a tab, mute it, and ignore it. You get the twitch drops for it.


Oh hell yeah! Mike Lowe TV is all the way in there! So hyped and excited, thanks to the team running hearthstone! This game is AMAZING!

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Maybe I am missing it somewhere, but I do not see what benefit it provides to people who already purchased the mega bundle. This is something which (A. seems like an oversight since you typically want to reward paying customers as opposed to making them feel like their purchase was a mistake), but more importantly seems like what this would be geared towards as most people who did not pre-order would not have the dust to create decks until the meta settles (and thus theory crafting is irrelevant for them).


I think he means he will dodge them as he wont be lucky to win any of the giveaways.

Once again Reddit gets the love and our forums get none :pensive:

Everyone can get 2 free packs for watching. Practically nobody will win bundles.

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Having to wake up at 4am to get Twitch drops isn’t the greatest time you could be starting tbh. If it was just 2 or 3 more hours after, then it be great.

Streaming killed video games.


You don’t have to be awake. Just leave a browser window open on the stream. Or your twitch app open with the volume off. :slight_smile:


I want know what is the drop time for Japanese player

Search on Google, ‘event TIME’ am pt, and will convert it to you your local time

So can you still win a Mega bundle pack if you already pre purchased it?

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this looks fun, hope I can win a mega bundle, paying 5 times the price is not an option, inflation in Libya sucks for real. :sweat:

ありがとう thx my friend :grin:

In the context of this article, what are “Gifted Subs?”

It means they give you a subscription to HS free of charge

Anything “most upvoted”, you just know there is cheating involved. Probably by a Russian.

Gonna be watching the lovely Alliestrasza as always with some dosis of Kripp and Kibler, nothing better to do some work and hearing my favorite streamers playing the new set.