Jace Darkweaver is ridiculous

Once again theres a card that is utter HORSECRAP. It’s brainless…no downside…and literally snatches games when you should lose. Blizz needs to get their collective heads outta their rectums and make cards that arent OP broken P.O.S. Or if theyre gonna make cards like this…just quit the semantics and put the BattleCry as : YOU WIN THE GAME WITHOUT TRYING. Damn.

play it in a deck without fel spells and you’ll see the downside

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"once again”, i mean, that card is out since united in stormwind. You’ve probably been burned by a defeat against a Dh who played brann and jace, a combo you see maybe once in twenty games. I wouldn’t complain about a single card from a tier 2 deck, meta is dominated by theotar and sire denathrius which is the quintessential wrong card.

I’ve actually seen it happen. Sometimes people forget they changed their deck type.

OP, as intended, it’s a long play style card, countered by aggro. Or theotar. Or any one of the “oh no you aren’t” counters these days.

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If you think Jace Darweaver is bad, I’d like to introduce you to another Jace, the Mind Sculptor