Is someone supposed to be answering questions on this forum?

When i tried to talk to support about my BATTLEGROUNDS rating deminishing on its own, they sent me here.
When I try to get an answer here, it seems like im just ignored.
What’s going on?

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No, because this forum is to report bugs. Reports don’t usually require answers.

I read your questions, by the way. Yes, you did the right thing to come to the bug forum to report this matter, since it was a bug that the ratings were reset. But the questions you asked, dude, come on… “Does it make sense you didn’t let anyone know there would be a bug?”

It’s a game, not the end of the world. Step back and take a breath.

Why do you think I need your lecture?
Anyway, maybe reports dont require answers, but they do require solving, wouldnt you think so?

I paid for this game and im wasting my time on it.
Blizzard are a company who earn millions and they should be able to provide the minimal information when they hurt the players in any way.

And BTW, that wasnt even my question, because it wasnt a bug. They proudly let everyone know they thought it was a way to even out a bug that happened in the first place. Meaning, they reduced my rating on purpose, without letting me know. Its unprofessional for a company this big who makes so many games and so much profit from it.

Anyway your patronising approach is not helpful, needed or even based on reality.
I dont need you to remind me its not the end of the world, I need blizzard to act like a professional company and stop wasting my time trying to figure out what the hell happened and what’s going to be done about it.

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You paid for Hearthstone? You got gipped! Hearthstone is a free game.
What you paid for is access to cards and game modes, both of which belong to Blizzard.
If you feel that it’s no longer worth it, then stop paying!

In regards to your issue, this is intended;

I’m still stuck on:

“They proudly let everyone know…”

Followed by:

“without letting me know.”

On a side note, Developers responded to your inquiry on some of the other forum topics :slight_smile:


You asked for an answer, I provided one. Sometimes it’s not the one you want.

But you want to know what happened? Well that’s easy:

Some people got their rating reset, and because of this, other peoples rating got affected as well. So to make things right, not only their rating needed to be restored, but those of others as well.

Yeah, complete contradiction there right?

Just that to find out what happened I had to address the support, and from there go to the bug report forum to find an answer.

Usually when I play for games that I paid for (Yes I did pay to play BATTLEGROUNDS) I get a message telling me the devs decided to hurt my game progress in any way.

But im guess im insane expecting that, right? The nerve of me!!

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Nah, I get where you’re coming from. Blizzard does a lot of non-sensical things, many of which have ticked me off in the past. Here’s hoping your situation is resolved. Best to you!