Is anyone actually buying the "battle pass"

It’s more than twice the price of a battle pass in any other game any it’s a card game…

So you’re paying double money for 2d PICTURES as skins. Like who is actually doing this.

If it was like $8 I would get it, but the price is actually insulting lmfao. I haven’t bought a single one and Idk why they keep wasting time with it?

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Its the best bpass i have ever seen, the premium version is nice too, the gold cards and signature cards are great

I don’t get the pre orders but i will always get the bpass premium

Of course I don’t get the battle pass, why pay for what should be earnable or the norm in game? I’m not supporting game design like that.

Are you talking regular Hearthstone or battlegrounds? Sounds like you’re talking about battlegrounds but it can be difficult to tell because we only have the one forum. I’d never buy the battlegrounds one but I do buy the Tavern pass for regular Hearthstone

he must be talking about BG

because its the one with cosmetics only

HS one has cards and the exp boost

That’s what I was thinking but I like to ask to be sure

doesn’t the bg battle pass let you pick from 4 heroes instead of 2
i guess that’s not a problem if you just forfeit every game you get heroes you don’t like but still

There aren’t really any heroes I won’t play. There are definitely some I don’t fully understand or utilize properly, but I take what I get and try my best


Skins were horrible this time so I didn’t buy.

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BOTH actually. The Battlegrounds is ALMOST expensive and has FAR less rewards which is even more INSANE to me. And the fact that you HAVE to buy it to unlock 4 Hero choices is just disgusting. You used to be able to buy it with gold.

I play Battlegrounds regularly and I’ve only had 2 Hero choices ever since they made the switch. I refuse to pay $15 for a competitive advantage. It’s absurd and insulting.

I also have never spent money on Battlegrounds. I used to buy the pass when it was available for gold, but I also spent real money on regular Hearthstone expansions and had gold to spare. I actually only use the base heroes, board and strike animations as well. There are enough heroes I don’t need all the different portraits in that mode, and I kinda hate all the the weird different end of battle animations, Just smack me in the face

In a quest meta (like we have now) the impact of hero selection is very small. Getting twice as many hero choices is a competitive advantage, but it’s a very small advantage, equivalent to placing one spot better (like 3rd instead of 4th) once every ten games. That’s not a guess BTW, I actually calculated it with hero placement stats from HSReplay†. It’s no big deal and if you don’t want to support the game then you should not feel any FOMO.

Skizzy has the right idea.

† spreadsheet with calculations: