iOS issue when returning to game

I had this game awhile ago and unlocked all classes and had no problems. Recently I redownloaded to start playing again and things aren’t working properly. If I try and start an online match it never work. Also some solo adventures say I need to unlock all classes (which I have done). Any time I try to create a deck it reverts back to the previous deck before I started editing it. Can someone please help me.

A common point of confusion for returning players is when you reinstall the game and play for the first time it’s possible to create a new account tied to that device.

I would recommend first try to log out of your Hearthstone account and ensure you logged into the correct account. Given the progress of your classes being lost it sounds like you returned to the issue above or you simply returned to the wrong account. If you ever used any other account Email addresses you may wish to try logging into them as well.

As for not being able to start an online match this could be a different issue if switching accounts doesn’t work. You may need to troubleshoot the connection Here.

Thank you!

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