Insane difficulty within game matching


I’ve always wanted to ask this to either the community or the game masters.

Does everyone have insane, insanely difficult matchings? On even bronze tier ranked?

I’ve been playing heartstone for almost a decade now, and I’m fairly used to competitive games.

It seems no matter how strong my deck is, matching always matches me with someone with my deck strength +20%~
Sometimes even playing against players with insane decks of over 10k dollars in worth.

Is this a feature? Is this normal?

I’ve got a pretty good deck, and fairly strong cards, yet it seems since I’ve been playing the game, I’ve always had trouble getting out of bronze tier ranked, no matter how many legendaries, how much deck strength, or how many games I play.

I just need to admit here, that in my… Reasonably said 10000 games I’ve played, I’ve seen a opponent make a mistake, maybe less then 10 times in total, overall in all my games.

Aside from the fact that 9/10 times the randomness generator always works in their favor. Even to the point I see the randomness generator hit marks which are over 1/million to billions of probability (and yes, I’ve calculated.) Fairly regularly.

Now I know heartstone records every game, so it’s easy to look back at, as it does happen at least once a week or more.

Also people creating decks which rely on having 1/4 cards at their first draw, or their entire decks would be useless, and 10/10 times they always do.

Now my question is, is it my fair assessment, that all my opponents are generated computer opponents, who are by some odd factors made to counter my deck, with full disregard to deck strength, randomness, or deck worth?

Because if not, I would like to request a blizzard moderator to moderate my games for 10 games, and see these probabilities and impossibilities just stack infinitely, and regularly hitting probabilities of over 1/1000000.

Or are these just hackers?


The oddest thing of all, is having seen people play with a normal deck (worth less then 5000$, maybe 10 games in the last 5 years or 2500 games.

Blizzard does not keep a record of every game. If you play on PC, you can use a deck tracker to record games yourself and share them here on the forums



There’s no such thing as a competitive viable Hearthstone deck that is worth more than $400, unless you count purely cosmetic differences like Golden vs non-Golden. Even a deck that’s literally 40 golden Legendaries would be worth about $1880. Literally every deck you’ve played against or ever will is worth less than $5000.

In conclusion, you’re wrong about everything you wrote.


If the matchmaking is rigged, then how do you account for my having won 13 games in a row?


Oooh, oooh, let me take this one!!

Obviously it’s because you’re part of the double secret Blizzactisoft Defense Force so your accounts are rigged to have success, countering the losses assigned to non-BDF aligned agents.


Blizzard has rigged it in the opposite direction throwing you softballs so you dont quit based on your overall record would be my guess

Called it!

No. You did not call it.

@Jonakin: it’s not rigged if the system does what it says. Blizzard says it matches according to rank and/or rating. All rank/rating based matchmaking systems pair you against more difficult opponents the more you win and against easier opponents the more you lose, as a deliberate algorithmic decision. The effect you are talking about is there but it’s not rigging because it’s a natural effect of normal matchmaking by rank/rating.

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There are no particularly harder matches tho. You may face a hard counter in a deck, but those are EXCEEDINGLY rare. Last time we had a 80-20 matchup was years ago.

Most decks are at best 50-60 from each other, unless you’re running homebrew, which is, more often than not, bad. Most people that lose a lot are just bad and on denial. Most of the “hard counters” people face are frequently hardly counters.


How did you come up with the conclusion that 40 golden legs is worth 1880$ ?

Genuinely curious, but yeah his 10k claim is ridiculous.

This is Bee btw

As for the OP… there is hidden MMR when playing under bonus stars, even if you reset at gold you’ll still face players of your level.

3200 dust/card × 40 cards/deck × 1/102.71 packs/dust × 1.5 $/pack = 1869.34 $/deck

Source for 102.71 dust/pack:

The first time I got about $10 more because I only used 102 not 102.71

Also there’s a reasonable argument for 1.25 $/pack which would be $1557.79

Basically what I’m saying is that if you bought 280 packs at (7 × $49.99 =) $349.93 and dusted everything you received, you’d average 28758.8 Dust which is enough for 9 (technically 8.987) golden Legendaries. So a Golden Legendary costs about $38.89 created via this method.

Thanks everyone for answering and taking the topic serious.

And yes, I didn’t calculate the deck worths, yet as you guys posted; If a average plat deck is worth around 1k plus, they would have accounts somewhere between 5-10k.

I just went with 50$ per legendary times 40, plus any diamond tier cards, would indeed put it somewhere between the 2k indeed.
Honestly just said spoke about ‘account’ worth, and stupidly said ‘deck’

Anyways, what Sun said was interesting, because that would make sense.
If matchmaking would put me against plat tier opponents every season, because of my previous rankings, then a lot would be explained already.

Anyways, regardless of all this, I can’t help but notice you guys cleverly evaded one topic.
The probabilities.

You guys can’t honestly tell me the amount of times you guys must have seen decks pull cards, discover, or see abilies probability crit in the craziest ways.

Just like if you shuffle 4 cards into your deck that are cast in drawn, with 20 cards left, and drawing regularly 2-3 instantly right after.

That’s (4/20) / (3/29) / (2/28)

These odd events in probability happen in a lot of games, so I’m not really surprised anymore. (Just like when 10 randomly hit 1 damages miss 1/3 targets 10 times in a row on my side.)

And I understand it being laughable to request a mod seeing in on games.
Yet I hope the topic of the post is clear, -that I’m wondering if everything regarding opponent selection, cards dealt and probabilities in abilies, might have some hacks or flaws in them, as any A.I. or algorithm that would investigate them would say it would be astronomical to see these events happen regularly and on such frequency.-

Anyways, I just wanted to hear the communities reaction, because if this all sounds odd, I might indeed record a few games and show the absolute absurd madness I see happen in my games.

Kinds regards,

Not too sure if your math applies whenever you buy the golden packs and bundles

Just to touch on the “even at Bronze” argument. In ranked, you are not matched based on rank and star. You can be Bronze 1 and face Legend players if your MMR is the same as a Legend player. Thus, they hide your opponent’s rank because they don’t want you to know this.

As soon as you run out of star bonuses, you are then matched to your rank.

So, if you’ve been playing for a decade, chances are you are not a Bronze MMR player, but rather close to or at a Legend player MMR. That’s why all your matches “feel hard” because you are matching against someone of equal skill, not equal rank.

If you’re at Bronze and you have no star bonus after playing for a decade, then the problem isn’t the matchmaking, it’s your skill.

Whenever a player reaches their skill rating, every game should feel somewhat difficult - you’re essentially playing against yourself.

For example, I have a higher MMR in the legend area somewhere. When the season resets and I go back to Bronze 10, I’m not playing against people in Bronze 10 that are also Bronze 10 who were Bronze 10 MMR people. I’m playing in Bronze 10 with other people who are Legend MMR players. I’m not beating up on new players or less skilled players. I’m ALWAYS facing my skill level until I reach D5 and run out of stars. As soon as I run out of star bonuses, I’m facing anyone at D5 who doesn’t have a star bonus regardless of their skill. I could face someone who placed Rank 1 legend the season before in 1 match and then face the worst player in Hearthstone who managed to reach D5 the same time as me.

Hope that clears it up a bit. Basically, as soon as your opponents start to “feel hard at least half the games” is your skill level area.

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Do we know if this is applicable for Apprentice Ranks as well

At apprentice ranks I believe you just only play other apprentice matches, bots or really bad players. I can’t say for sure because I never played apprentice ranks.

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Just wondering because I tend to play on the Apprentice Ranks because I like to create new accounts

and after going through the obvious bots that are Apprentice Rank 40 → 35-ish, there come the DK bots and after going through them and you have like a 20 match win streak you start facing real players that do play the same as players I am facing on my main account with Legend MMR.

Anyway, was just wondering if there was a definitive answer, thanks anyways.

I’m guessing that you’re doing something a real new player wouldn’t be doing - winning a ton.

I know in other games (like League of Legends) where you have like 10 preliminary games you play before they place you. If you win all 10 you’ll get placed super high, like an MMR way above basic players. If you lose all 10, you get placed super low.

Wherever you are placed, you’re stuck there unless you drastically start winning and then you slowly move up.

For example, if you play 10 games and win, they might see you as a Diamond player. Now your MMR is locked at Diamond area and you start from there. If you lose 10, you are locked in at Bronze and start from there. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’d wager it is because this is how you prevent smurfing. You start a new account and you’re rolling over bots and next thing you know you’re playing at the MMR your main account is because it knows you’re good. At that’s exactly what they want to happen.

If you make a new account and lose a lot of those games, you should see a difference. But as soon as you start playing as your normal self, it will detect it and adjust accordingly. That’s the beauty of MMR systems.

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These don’t exist, so I know you’re lying.


I think they believe that you can redeem gold cards for actual real life gold.

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