Insane difficulty within game matching

Confirmation bias, unless you actually tracked it manually. You go into any luck based environment and EVERYONE thinks their luck is unreliable.

In reality RNG averages out.

Didn’t you know that’s how the rigging machine works your good luck doesn’t count its only the bad luck that counter toward the rigging machine everything else you must has input the rigger code and get the rigger pass. It goes something like this Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right.

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You forgot ‘B A Start’

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Post your deck so we can see what you are working with. Maybe post a game as well to see where you are making mistakes.

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This is all you needed to ask. No need to dance around what you’re really asking. Just ask it.

These were funny. Thanks for that.

Not even the all Leggo deck in all Gold from back in the day costs that much in the current economy of the game xD