Insane Dalaran Heroic Bug

So I’ve narrowed down that my heroic mode is directly linked to my normal mode. My original mage heroic mode has bugged out about 5 days ago and is now forcing my normal dalaran mode load out onto my mage.
During the friendly bar encounters, the plot twist chest spawns and I’m able to recruit it into my deck as you can see.

Dalaran Heist - Hero missing

Thanks for the report. We’ll see if we can reproduce this on our end. Let us know if you encounter any additional issues.


Here is exactly what is going on. I have been completely unable to play heroic mode for a week now


Just to shine more light on this issue, I have also experienced this for a week now.
It happened shortly after I got through the “black screen” with error starting game bug.
Conceding the heroic run will concede the normal run so it’s stuck in limbo forever. Is there any way you can just force a reset on all PvE content/runs on the account or something?


Almost 2 weeks now since I’ve been able to play heroic. Terrible communication from blizzard on these issues


2 weeks. And still same issue, and still we can’t just have a just a message, what we shall do or when we’re can play heroic normally. Cool.


I’ve also had this bug for 2 weeks. Here’s my video:


Yes, i have exactly the same problem:
Stuck at te second boss 2/8 infinite loop, can’t pick treasures or cards, dosent matter if you win or loos…
Its the normal run you can tell because the bosses have the normal hero power not the better one. Also if you loos in the bugged heroic run you loos in normal mode.


Before i got this error I had the Black Screen/Run won’t start bug.
It may have turned to this bug after I did some of the Boomsday Puzzles.


I’m also experiencing this issue and have been locked out of heroic for 2 weeks.

I submitted a support ticket but apparently there’s nothing the GMs can do to quickly remedy the issue :frowning:

Mainly commenting to add to the weight of “I would like this to be fixed” and also to follow the discussion.


For further clarification this bug started for me when my extremely unstable mobile network made multiple disconnects during a heist run. I rejoined a match maybe close to an hour after leaving it and it was still going to my surprise. The bug occurred shortly after this. Could it be linked to the new feature related to allowing the continuation of single player games after disconnects?


Soooo, is there like any answer from Blizzard on this problem or are the 20$ gone now?


Anyday now blizzard, are we ever going to be able to play the product I payed for? Zero updates, zero acknowledgement