If you aren't planning on adding more reborn minions, why even give paladin the reborn quest


Seriously, and I definitely dont agree with it, but you would have more chance tweeting them than expecting any sort of official communication here… On ANY topic.


thats why they are pretendining they did so they write stuff that OP
after reading it you can tell he is assuming f blizzard has decided not to add a single reborn minion later

They HAVE said that they dont tend to carryover mechanics between sets though, so there IS history of the assumption being true. There are far fewer exceptions to the rule, even if they do exist.

Is it premature to be getting wound up over it? Absolutely!

Is it a question that should be answered (their plans for the mechanic going forward)? Absolutely!

Is this the best place for correspondence? NO! Thats why I provided Deans twitter, as you are far more likely to get an answer there than you are here.


Except it is powerfull enough to see play NOW.

It is a decent trade if you think a little.

Eventually it will fade away but for now it is just one of the most powerful quest rewards if not the best.

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I think the only real problem with quest paladin is card-draw, I tweaked my deck to add more draw-card cards last night and jumped 5 rank up with 4-5 losses in between and those were only when the cards that draw other cards were also not drawn.

If only there was one low-cost Reborn minion that could draw another Reborn like Hunter has Mech that draws other Mech, that would not only make the quest easier, it’d also give more room in the deck to add cards that can win you the game. Because by the time you add enough Reborn and Draw-Card cards, there’s literally no room left to add anything substantial.

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What makes the current reborn quest powerful isn’t really the reborn minions themselves, but what you can do with the hero power. There are enough reborn minions from Uldum alone that allow Paladin to fairly easily complete the quest. Right now, they are using cards like Mechano-Egg and Mechanical Whelp as the payoff cards once the quest is complete. It’s likely we’ll make other cards that are great with the quest payoff over time, making the quest feel a bit different with each set.


Since when do the devs bother posting on the forums???

While you are here, oh great Dean, mind giving some insight on when we will be receiving full dust refunds for ‘The Caverns Below’, and a date for when you plan to nerf big priest before you disappear back to reddit and forget your offical forums exist?

As the lead card designer, I know it might seem like to much to ask, but I hope Blizzard is paying you enough to garner a simple 5 second response.


when we will be receiving full dust refunds for ‘The Caverns Below’

or gold we missed because of the daily quest bug…


I’ve reread this like 4 times, could you go into a bit more clarification with a couple of your main points?

  1. “It’s likely we’ll make other cars that are great with the quest payoff overtime”

So is this going to be yet another theme that paladin is going to be pushed in? I’d just like to throw in my imaginary vote, and say please just focus on dragondin, Healdin, because those archetypes were left in the dust before they got any traction, and those are some of the most fun archetypes to play concertning the holy crusader.

I’m also not quite clearly following the logic of how the quest will fill different if you basically have to use the same reborn package every time. Didn’t you guys recently just say that you were making some changes to the classic and basic set, because people were tired of seeing the same cards over and over. I very specifically remember a interview with you involved on omnistone, the reason you’ve bene adjusting the classic set is because there were a bunch of neutrals, that basically saw play because of how hyper efficient they were

Which is GREAT criticism! I’m glad you guys are opening up the design space for each class. But then you design something like making mummies and I can’t help but scratch my head. It’s a quest that forces you to run the same reborn, draw package no matter the expansion, just so that you can use the hero power. The other quests have very general requirements so they can actually evolve into different archetypes. For example

Shaman battlecry quest has the choice of evolving into aggro, control, or midrange just based on what battlecries you guys decide to release. There are tons of different battlecries that can drastically alter the deck.

Paladin’s quest will always be the same. Play the same set of reborn minions, play synergistic big threats to copy.


I’m surprised you responded to my tilted rant. I’m sorry but I just can’t enjoy this quest because it forces some minitheme that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the rest of the class. I feel like paladin is this weird frakenstein class, that’s not allowed to have anything cohesive.

I just want a direction, and I don’t want them tied to one quest, that requires you to run a specific package.

Easy guys… let the yellow-guy breathe, maybe this is why they don’t come here because people are ready to pounce!


I’m sure they’ll give the Paladin Copy effect every bit as much support as Priest’s Copy effects received… oh wait it didn’t get any, just Neutrals.

Agreed, though I feel like people are so ravenous because Blizzard is so bad with game design fixes.

It’s like once a season, they take the 10 most commonly complained about cards, write them down, toss them in a hat, pick ~5, and say: “Yeah, let’s nerf this until nobody wants to play it again (I miss you FWA).”

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The fact that we have all these unanswered questions is disgraceful for any large company, the least they can do is answer them when directly asked.

If they communicated properly, we wouldn’t need to jump at them with questions in the first place.


Bowser you made this thread hilarious.


The literal ONE time we get an official response lmao.


We all know Dean responded just to spite Bowser.

You win this one, developer man.


I think I speak for most when I say I didn’t see that one coming… Is Dean’s Twitter link the bat-signal?!?

Well played Dean, well played.


Welp, looks like reborn is one and done, as expected.

Now back to the initial complaint.

It sucks that this deck will be forever limited to the incredibly small pool of viable reborn minions.


I stand by my belief that we need to reuse keywords and explore them more.

In most cases the game evolves in some really clever ways that could be even more clever if they were combined with old keywords. Like Inspire: The next minion you play this turn has Echo.

Cool. Cant happen if we never plunge into the glorious depths of our brilliant game design! Release your fears! Embrace the glory of a new su…old keywords!