If I upgrade to T7 I better see a MFGD 7*

Seriously though, whatever stabilization, or “RNG” tuning, anything else you’ve done to stop a runaway train and “improve” the BG, it needs to go.

Just because I sold a dragon that was worth 21 gold and jumped to T7 2 turns before everyone else, doesn’t make me problematic or toxic. What’s toxic, is rerolling 15 gold at T7 without seeing a single 7* on the board when you’re the ONLY one at T7.

No amount of your arguing or defending Blizzard will ever, literally ever, make me believe that’s just RNG.


It’s smarter in most cases to sit on 6 and make triples. At the very least you should be sitting on 1 double to triple immediately. Rolling into tier 7 is only advisable with Elemental/Pirate builds where they can roll 20+ times in a turn.


Typically, I would, it was just a chance to jump situation after I had the Time Saver triple early and ended up taking a bit more damage than I wanted. I didn’t have the board to hang out at 6 and triple so I just went up twice. To be fair, 15 rerolls is a lot and isn’t actually far from the 20 you suggested, but I couldn’t have done that twice.

20 was more of a low roll amount that i used as an example. The total number of rolls for a solid Elemental/Pirate build is basically infinite. You are only limited by the timer and how good your APM is.

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It’s RNG

The pool for T7 is limited like everything else. Also, and I see someone else made this comment, it’s a lot better to sit on SIX and triple into them. This way your gold goes into your team and any third minion is also a T7.

I’m curious which hero you’re playing to make the choice to go to T7 and what turn it was. I assume it was early given you say you’re the only one on the tier.

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Trusting the numbers given on
There’s in a game on average
(20/2)*15=150 Tavern 1 minions
(((35-5)/2)+5)*15=300 Tavern 2 minions
(((33-4)/2)+4)*13~241 Tavern 3
(((37-8)/2)+8)*11~248 Tavern 4
(((38-6)/2)+6)*9=189 Tavern 5
(((27-4)/2)+4)*7~109 Tavern 6
(((14-4)/2)+4)*5=45 Taver 7

For a grand total of 1282 unique minions available in each game

each calcul is : number of different minions of the tier, minus neutral minions, divided by 2 (10 total tribes, only 5 per game), + the neutral minions, times the number of copies of that minion available in the pool

Let’s say each player, including you, already own a full board with 2 golden minions that all came from the pool (but no T7). That’s 11 minions per player to remove form the pool so it is now only 1282-88=1194 minions in the pool
I will not consider the minions currently displayed in Bob’s tavern for each players to ease the maths but that would be roughly the same result with about 35 more minions to remove from the 1194

What this gives us is that every minion spot you see in the tavern has a 45/1194 chance to be a tier 7. That’s a bit less than 4%
Which means each minion has a 1149/1194 chance to NOT be a tier 7. that’s a bit over 96%
For all 6 minions in the tavern to NOT be tier 7, that’s (1149/1194)^6, which sits around 79% chance.
for 15 rolls in a row to not include a tier 7 minions thats the above at the power 15 so ((1149/1194)^6)^15 which is just over 3% chance to not get a single tier 7 minion

So if 33 players were to rush tavern 7 and do 15 rolls, one of them will not see a single Tier 7 minion. That one is you
Is it unlucky ? Sure. Is it unlikely ? Definitely not.


It was Rock Master Voone, which is how I got the early Time Saver triple. So let me math if I can, every 3 turns he hits his hero power, so there’s 6 turns before the golden dragon hits the board but I already had 1 on the board for a turn. Taking the 3 gold, then adding the 6 per turn to reach enough for a jump from T5 to T7, then 15 golds worth of rerolls on the same turn, is approximately turn 10, maybe 11? Could be less, I may have skipped counting the gold I already had at the start of the turn. Which is fairly early for T7, but everyone else was still at 5. Galakrond gets a 7* on turn 6 if he hero powers every turn and freezes.

Nope nvm, disregard all of that. That was a different game, pretty sure it was Reno and I beamed the dragon on the first turn I got it so probably turn 9 at most.

That’s pretty early, tho I’m curious what you hoped to grab. There are a couple build defining minions, but one of them you want to have the rest of the pieces before you grab it. Moira is nice, but you invested too much money if that’s A) what you find/buy and B) don’t utilize both the BC and DR double triggers. If you only use one and it makes up the build, you could’ve invested better and tried to find Brann or Baron on 5.

Frankly, in your position, I’d be hoping from the King and discover a couple 6’s, but I don’t know the full state of your lobby, so…

Either way, I don’t know what “RNG tuning” you’re referring to. The amount of minions in the pool per tier maybe?

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Outside of an Undead build IMO the best 7 drop that exists. So easy to triple key minions and nab other 7 drops.


Nightmare is what I was referring to as build defining. You want to +X attack your undead as you level, but it’s such an annoying/great addition to the undead package. Maybe the Naga is decent, too, arguably for the same reason as the king, but it won’t be easy to scale unless you are doing a Naga build.

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Not even exact calculations provided here?

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I for one can appreciate it when someone straight up announces that they’re so consumed by cognitive dissonance that they’re unable to be convinced with logic and evidence. It can save me a lot of time.

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My last game I was first to hit tier7… then spent the next 4 turns flipping to try and find a single t7 card in tavern. Took me 37 flips before 1 finally came up… but by then I just abandoned the game out of frustration and went and washed my dishes instead. Had far more fun doing that then interacting with Hearthstone. (I say interacting and not playing, since playing assumes it is a fun activity)

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My last game I got (another) spicy pretzel mustard because I understood the economy of the game well enough to not aimlessly roll the tavern.

Yes the game tends to do this. Have seen very similar things several times.

In a Tier 7 lobby it is always better to build to 6 with a pair or two and then triple into the tier 7 discovery. Finding one in Tier 7 is very difficult. I don’t think i have ever bought into tier 7 unless i wanted the extra point of damage for winning with a board i knew was complete.

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What are your “exact calculations” and what is the percentage chance of a 7 minion appearing in the tavern with each refresh? Specifically, what percentage does each minion slot have to be a 7? Assuming there are a limited amount as there are with 6s it should lower the chance when someone obtains one of them, so how much does this decrease when one of the 7s are obtained?

Because refreshing a minimum of 10 times resulting in 0 7s appearing when nobody has any yet, would suggest the “exact calculation” is a lie, incorrect, incalculable, or it’s altered by other mechanics. The “altered by other mechanics” will always be the factor you cannot possibly know or calculate, because you’d never be able to determine whether or not the chance increases or decreases each turn, with each knockout, every time someone upgrades their tavern, discovers a triple reward, sells a minion, etc. You’ve just taken it as fact that altered by other mechanics is a thing that does not exist and cannot possibly exist because your data can’t calculate it so it’s just not a factor? Even though it’s been stated by Blizzard that altered by other mechanics is a factor for a multitude of other “RNG” mechanics.

Logically, none of us should have enough faith to accept something as fact when a company, that makes money, claims something is “RNG” but later designs other mechanics that clearly show the “RNG” is altered by other mechanics. I’m not saying the game/company is “rigged” against me, specifically targeting me, because it hates me or has determined they want someone else to win, but it amounts to the same with a lot of you, and I don’t understand it.

But, logically, we should agree with randoms on the interwebs with zero proofs?

I mean, I don’t think you understand what random means, how big the actual minion pools are, and why not seeing them for a long time is actually evidence that the rolls are not rigged.

But I have seen enough of these posts to know you have decided without evidence so no evidence can change your mind.

That’s why, like i posted above, you never go to 7 you stay on 6 making triples to guarantee 7 drops.

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I invite you to scroll up the thread and not ignore my post where I give you exactly that