If Azerite Snake isnt deleted tomorrow, im gone

I don’t understand why they do this every two-three expansions, just release a card that is completely unfair to play against and makes the game boring. I hope they ban players who use it and i hope that the dev team behind this gets canned. There is no counter play, no strategy to counter it besides Mage secrets or running quest priest- oh wait that was 10 years ago.
No reason why a game that has a large money investment has issues like this on every expansion release. No point in even playing the game because over 66% of the “opponents” are bots who run the same deck. Now they’re all running excavate to spam Azerite Snake.
I like how they added a report function and then didn’t add a “roping” option either. Thats like the #1 most reported problem on the forums, and they just ignored it. :skull:


If the devs wanted they could disable it right now. They did it with jailer. They have the tech to just disable cards whenever they want. They just choose not to for whatever reason

All it would take is for them to disable all the excavate cards for warlock and then snake would be unobtainable until they fixed it. But they don’t put player sentiment first



It’s not THAT bad as you make it out to be

so you are losing your mind because they ll nerf it in less than 24hrs from now instead ?


I have played 1 game of hs today, it was against snake warlock. I had 30-something armor and yet he was able to kill me through that by turn 7 by bouncing snake 3 turns in a row and completely ignoring anything i did

Uninteractive nonsense


but you want them to disable it for 24 hours thats overreacting

He is still overreacting.

I am not disagreeing that it’s strong, but he makes it seem way bigger than it is.
It’s a strong card that has been confirmed to get nerfed, so why make another thread crying about it claiming it should be deleted

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Cus why not disable it? If they have the ability to do so, why not?

Just choosing to make the game miserable for no benefit

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jsut for 24hrs ? let people enjoy it a bit more you can just do your daily quest and come back tomorow if it bothers you so much

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Yeah let’s just disable every single new card that it’s strong when a new Expansion comes out.

Very logical decision.

Stop whining and get good… geez

Yeah sorry you’re right. I should just get good and kill them by turn 7 so they cant kill me first

My iq is dropping just existing in the same digital forum as you people.

They have the tech to remove broken cards. They are choosing not to use it at the detriment of the player experience. There really is nothing more to say on the matter cus that is just objective fact. It may be fixed in 24 hrs but why not just remove the card temporarily anyway now until they get the fix in tomorrow

Glad i chose to stop spending money on this game because once again the devs prove themself incapable of putting the player sentiment above their own egos. They dont want to remove it now because that is admitting they screwed up by adding it to begin with

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Guy, the card has been confirmed to get nerfed.

What good does another crying thread make.
It’s literally been confirmed!


Ok. So why not remove it now?

Jailer was confirmed to get reworked, they still removed him then and there while they worked on the fix. No reason they cant do the same to snake

There is no removing happening.
It’s a new card.

All you’ve got to do is wait a few days.

Why is there no removing happening? Give me a legit reason to why they are unable to remove the card now and have to wait til tomorrow to put a fix through

simply stating “crying thread” does not make your argument worthwhile it just makes you look like another blizz shill. It’s literally been confirmed! :nerd_face: :point_up_2:
Jailor got immediately nerfed apparently. So no, it doesn’t take time to update the game they can just roll out a patch whenever.
Instead of just spouting brain-dead replies you should read the OP and consider the state of the game where bottom ladder is 66% bots running the cheapest decks possible, which is now azerite snake.

It would be nonsensical

I am done talking to brick walls, your ideas (both of you) are as nonsensical as you both.

I am sure you would know.

How is it nonsensical.

•There is a card that is breaking the game.
•They have a tool to remove cards whenever they want
•They choose not to use it

That is the only nonsensical thing here

They have the ability to remove the problem, they choose not to use it. Just remove the card and add it back tomorrow. It isnt that deep

Its been this way since before stormwind. Just solitaire garbage with zero counterplay and powercrept manacheat turns.

Honestly they should delete “interactive” from the marketing campaign before someone sues them. Its either solitaire or boards so big they cant be cleared and if it is cleared immediately refilled next turn.