I think IM hacked please help


For some reason I can’t login on my account anymore.
But this forum account is still active on the computer.

When I try to click on “settings” it wants my password.
But what ever of my known passwords I type in it doesn’t work.

I don’t have access to this email anymore.

This is my only way of sortoff verifying that I am who I am since this was made when I was a kid. It’s possible the account includes fake names and such since I wanted to be anonymous.
But I’ve made payments with my credict card that could verify me.

Could support double check something for me, did I change my password recently in the last month or so?

I might have for what ever reason changed my password for security reasons several months ago. But I haven’t downloaded B-net on this computer I’m on and the other computer broke which means I probably wouldn’t have cared to change it in at least 2 months unless prompted by the forum to do so which I dont think it does. Also could support check if any other IP location than this one has used the account in the last 2 months?

I’ve never been hacked so it’s weird. The accountis still registered to my old email, the secret question is still the same though I can’t use it to get a new password.

One of the reasons I keep this email is because the password associated with it is newer than the time I lost access to the account and nowhere were I have this email registered uses this password that I used to have here. At least I think so.

So it’s fairly secure. The only way I could’ve messed it up is if I changed my password for some other security reasons (and forgot the newer, less used password in the mean time) but I see little reason to do so. You can’t login using usernames here , right?

Hey, Ondskan! Please contact our customer support team. We only assist with technical issues that can be addressed through troubleshooting on the forums. Account or billing concerns will need to open a ticket as this can contain personal sensitive data to verify or assist with recovery.


I just contacted AB-Sweden by phone (by finding their corporate info and contacting one of the employees) and they told me to ask here after bringing up the consumer rights agency here and if I don’t get an answer here I’ll speak to someone higher up there since the person I got ahold of was in a totally different department.

But this is the question I need answered:
Because the only way to even INITIATE support contact with you is by sending you an ID card I need to know that your customer representative has the ability to delete it afterwards as well from all databases. I have the right according to GDPR to request this and I really don’t want my ID card hanging out unencrypted in a corporate database that has been hacked in the past.

(cinemablend database hacked article google, can’t include links).

Or if you can’t do this, give me a direct email to customer support so I can initiate contact without providing my ID card.

Hey, Ondskan. An ID is not required for all issues, but certain submissions may request one to help speed up the verification may request an ID. Could you try this link instead? There is no direct email for customer support, but the link here should allow a ticket to be submitted without requesting an ID so that we can verify the account in other ways.

As far as legal GDPR concerns, please review our support article here.


That worked great.
Thank you very much

Anytime, Ondskan!

Man I don’t know what’s happening they supposedly read this post and my email to them, then told me to give them my secret answer and they’d tell me my old email. When I again explained that I do not have access to it they stoped responding.

Hey, Ondskan! Sorry to hear about the troubles! I don’t see a new ticket response being opened with our customer support team. It should say Answered or Resolved when a response is pushed. If you responded to the no-reply email, a response would not be provided as our team only responds through the support site ticket. You should be able to check on the ticket status here and respond through there. It should say “Opened” once a new response is pushed.

This won’t work for me. As I can’t login on my account and I can’t reply to a “ticket”.

Flawed system, please advise :slight_smile:

Every other company has a system whereby replies on email are gathered in the internal database for a ticket, would be weird that you can’t respond on an email to begin with but this makes it impossible to respond at all now.

I’d recommend to open up a new ticket with as much detail as you can include, Ondskan. If you have feedback over the support site, our Support Site feedback forums is the proper place to do so.

This is not feedback. I need to be able to communicate with support. What is this? There is value in my account. Ill try one more time then im sending a physical letter :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, we cannot help with feedback regarding the support site and for account security reasons we cannot help you with your account. While I trust you likely are who you say you are, there is no way for us to safely validate this. We do not host an email you can list. Your current best option is to submit a ticket as earlier mentioned. Please be advised that you can submit this ticket from ANY battle.net account that you have access to.

This means that you can create a secondary account to work on things with us. I recommend taking that route for this issue, as it’s the only way you’ll be able to get help via support. Due to COVID quarantining measures at Blizzard (everyone possible is working at home), I don’t even think anybody would be available to process any physical mail you send at this time.

How do you deal with hacked accounts normally since I can imagine that most people who have been hacked obviously do not have access to their accounts nor have secondary accounts? If the normal procedure is to make a second account why isn’t there any information on this?

I recently made a second support request better explaining the details so I’ll wait for that answer and then make a secondary account later if its unsatisfactory then I guess I’ll make a secondary account.


From what I see here, we emailed you further instructions to the email address you listed in your ticket. You need to submit another ticket with that information, so creating a second account would be a work around for this. You can also submit anonymous tickets (Without being logged into an account) - it just makes it easier to get back to you if you have an account so we can track progress with you.