I keep crashing

I’m on android when ever I go to my collection it will freeze and crash and it happens in matches too I’ve already tried reinstalling

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Me to same problem hope they fix it been 3weeks now.

Doing the same thing on my pixel 6 pro, after the dec. Update

Edit: spoke to soon. Problem is back again. Sorry for getting hopes up.

Might have found something. Recent versions of android have a “game dashboard”, a small icon with a game controller on it. Don’t know in which version of android it was added. Anywho, i just disabled it and am now able to play as usual. Before it would not let me watch my collection or start a game. Might be a fluke but worth a try. I’m on Pixel 6 pro.

Ok, let me try this out to see if this works, will report back if pass/fail

It’s all blizzard.
Ive cleared cache
Force stopped the app
Disabled play games
Restarted 5 times
This is on blizzard, they have some dirty coding that needs to be cleaned up.
Not to be too hard on them knowing what pressures that they are under, but this is bad leadership, or the honor system has a serious flaw in the process, they’re not checking their work (leadership) unless they so dependant on the auto-check protocol… i dont know there is so many avenues to where things went wrong.

I guess im done with HS until the new year when everyone gets back and say… im not paid enough for this!!

This issue is steady happening, the only “Fix” is to play a game and then go into collection, and hurry, because there is a 30 second countdown until the next freeze

I am also on Pixel 6 pro and have been having the same problems since the last patch.

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