I just want to say , about this Brawl

That Blizzard sucks big time. I just want the back card while the D4 servers are down.

But man, this Brawl sucks much like Blizzard in the past years.

With 1 card, Diablo kills you. ONE card. And somehow, every time I am about to kill him, here comes the amazing card which board clears and kills me.

Pathetic …

Carry on Blizzard. As I see D4 is … good, but I don’t have my hopes up in the long run.

The progress of the Tavern Brawl is saved everytime you lost to Diablo. Just start a new game with the same deck and you will beat him eventually.


I did it.

But how pathetic it is to restart the fight 10 times or more?!? Its not like “its hard”. Is just 1 ( one ) card. that’s literally it.

Again, its pathetic. Zero strategy. Just mindless “fast fast take 5-10-20 HP and then restart”. Wtf is this?

You’re right. You’re really pathetic. There’s no excuse for you to need that many attempts. Being completely honest, Diablo eventually kills himself since his spells do damage to himself. 10 fights is how long it would take if you didn’t use any cards and passed every turn.

Meanwhile, everyone else knows you can just use Steamcleaner to burn every card in Diablo’s deck for an instant win.


Not getting it on the first try is one thing. But needing 10 attempts is entirely on you.

There are only a few times where I’ve needed more than 10 attempts at PvE and this brawl isn’t even close.


I grabbed the pure paladin deck with the new weapons so I could do play 12 weapons quest as well.

took 2 tries, no steam cleaner really needed, sigh only 4/12 on weapons.

Hmm. I played it 5 times so far and won in 1 go 3 times. It’s not hard. You’re just bad prepared.

I play Control Priest with Steamcleaner. I played it 5 times because I like the interaction.

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Not even a good argument considering you can beat him without cheesing with a F2P deck

I didn’t know about the Steamcleaner until I went on the forums, and it honestly feels like a cop out for the least savvy players

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Beat it first attempt, played a Reno Galaxy Mage deck. EZ.

I actually was here to share exactly this.

When phase 2 starts, play a steam cleaner and he dies of fatigue.

neah man, the co-op one is the worst…This kind of game designs speak about blizzard and the words contain things that should happen to the developers…I give you a hint, it ain’t pretty.

Brother I killed it 1st try it’s not hard
They even made it easier for ppl with lower skill by letting you save your progress if you lose
Just keep trying

I beat him in one try with last season’s Druid Guff deck…

I don’t know what people are.complaining about. This was an easy brawl to start with and they made it even easier this time around then it was in 2017.

I’ll say it again, I beat this first try. EZ.

Your mother is pathetic.

It took you 5 months for a comeback, and that was all you could come up with, lol.

Yup! That’s how often I play this idiotic game …

But then again, I responded in … kind !