Hunter achievement quest not triggering

I completed the Hunter achievement “Ride Together, Die Together”, however I did not receive the achievement. I was playing Hunter, had two copies of Helboar in hand, then played Ramakhen Wildtamer. I then played all three copies of Helboar to control three identical copies of a deathrattle minion. The achievement did not trigger.

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they describe that those criterias are checked at end of turn and that the text will be updated in a future patch


I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure this one out as well. My guess is because it says ‘darkmoon faire’ at the top, it has to be a dmf death rattle minion. That being said, my achievement is at 2 of 3 right now…how exactly is that possible?? Tried completing the quest with the wildtamer in a similar way and it did not trigger. Toxic reinforcements did not trigger it either. Idk…

luckily you dont have to as they explain it in the link i posted