How to win / get better cards as beginner?

which mode should i play?

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Always do the daily quests for gold, always do the weekly tavern brawl for a free pack.


First off, welcome to the game!

Since you’re asking about modes, I’m taking it for granted that you have completed the tutorial and have played Standard up through the apprentice ranks. (i.e. you have a rank that says Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.)

While building your card pool, Standard will be your primary format. Your goal should be to learn the game and build up gold/dust to invest as you see fit. Make sure to complete your daily and weekly quests, as this will help you advance in earning gold, packs, and cards.

Some people also enjoy Arena as it is good for building up your collection of older cards you can use in formats like Wild or Twist. Personally, I prefer to use my gold for packs, but I understand the appeal and have met people who have had better luck than I did in Arena. That said, you also earn passes for free Arena runs as you work through the set progression.

Tavern Brawl is a lot of fun, and you may have seen some quests in your log that want you to play it, but the format changes weekly. This week you are provided with decks so you can play it. Next week, it might be constructed decks so it might be difficult. If the cards allowed are Standard you might be able to steal a few wins. If Wild cards are allowed, maybe swap the “Win 5 Tavern Brawls” quest out for a different weekly.

Wild is going to be difficult to get into for quite some time. There are just too many cards you’ll have to either craft with dust or gamble your way through opening packs to collect. If you want to get into it down the road, I’d recommend doing some research on HearthstoneTopDecks or TempoStorm to get a handle on what the staples are and invest some dust when you can afford it. (Again, Arena is also helpful.)

Twist is basically Tavern Brawl except it’s ranked and lasts a month. The first few seasons were inaccessible to new players as they were based entirely on year 1-3 cards. But, the devs are actively trying to get out of that problem. Last season, despite still being Wild, was easier to get into as only common cards were allowed. So new players could easily craft powerful decks for it; my nephew is new to the game and he had lots of fun. This season, wrapping up today, followed a tenth-anniversary theme adding a set each day. So, this week it would have been playable for you, but back at the start of the month not so much. It’s also not available every month (next season isn’t until May), as the devs need extra time to come up with new formats.

Hope this helps!

Oh… Also one hot tip.
Right now, most of your matchups are going to be either other newbies or bots (depending on the time of day and who’s around).
Unless you’re knocking out a quest to play as class X or a specific mechanic, play as Death Knight (may still require completing the Path of Arthas solo campaign). Until your Standard collection is up to where you can build better, it has the best tool kit both out of the box (Core recipes) or to build into (Plaguebringer is playable as high as the Platinum tier on the ladder).

And keep an eye out in the Shop for “Catch-Up Packs” and expansion minisets. You’ll have to grind your way to 2000 gold to purchase them but the former will fill your collection with legendaries and the latter will give a helpful selection of Standard cards for current expansions.


I would not bother with this game. This game has become an un-playable mess over the years. I just came back after a few years of hiatus and the first thing i come to when going through the ranked mode were an onslaught of bots with random generated letter names.

When you get past that, you will find people (real humans) who will play combo decks that will kill you in one turn from hand past your max life, have and generate cards that seem to always answer either your board or your decks goal, or will just straight up win from pure random chance. So if your looking for a card game that has a more focus skill than cheap random effects and less power creeping cards, than this game ain’t it chief.

Battlegrounds is alright, everyone will be at the mercy of RNG when it comes to finding unique minions and who they fight so it’s a lot more fun than the base game. Although I stopped playing before Hearthstone team decided to super monetize this game mode. Besides that the mode is a nice time killer.

standard. arena is bad if you don’t know cards anyway. build tempo DH deck, its cheap and easy to learn