How much we will get each week. And some thoughts

Hi, I want to share a chart that i made, in order to see how much I will get each week, during 17 weeks (the time that an expansión last) in comparison with the old system. The chart will show the levels that we will be getting each week, the GOLD (in rewards) that we will be getting from those levels each week, the progressive sum of those rewards each week and the progressive sum of the old rewards each week.

First i want to explain some numbers, that are important to know in order to fully understand the chart…

How much XP can we get weekly and how much gold we used to get before:
So, because we have both 800 xp and 1000 xp quests, and we had 50gold and 60gold quests (for the sake of this) i decided to give each daily quests a value of 900xp and each old daily quest a value of 55gold.


900 x 7 = 6300

6300 + 6000 = 12300

(6000 is the xp that we will always get by completing the weekly quests)

So 12300XP each week (on average)


55 x 7 = 385

So 385GOLD each week (on average) in the old system

How much the non gold rewards are worth:
This is obviously a subjective topic, some might say that it is more, some might say that it is less. But I tried to be objective (even tho i think they worth more) and this are the numbers that i desided:

EDIT: This section had to be modified, due to some info that i was ignoring. The chart was also edited because of this.

An old pack = 15 Gold
A Darkmoon faire pack = 100 Gold
A legendary card = 154 Gold
An epic card = 38 Gold
A tavern ticket = 150 Gold
Card back/Hero skin = 0 Gold

(BTW I won’t count either the first 3 packs and the first legendary, because, we normally used to get those anyway)


Week Level Rewards Sum of the rewards Sum of the old rewards
1 13 590 568 385
2 18 470 1033 770
3 22 400 1433 1155
4 26 470 1855 1540
5 29 320 2170 1925
6 32 400 2570 2310
7 34 300 2870 2695
8 36 350 3220 3080
9 38 400 3620 3465
10 40 400 4020 3850
11 42 400 4420 4235
12 43 200 4620 4620
13 45 500 5120 5005
14 46 300 5420 5390
15 48 600 6020 5775
16 50 300 6320 6160
17 53 450 6770 6545


As you can see, the quests for this new system, give us more than the old quests, and the rewards come faster, which is good. Also, for someone like me (who used to buy old packs anyway) it is way better, and I don’t think that I am the only one who did that. I think that, for a lot of players, those packs still worth 100gold. Obviously, this doesnt take into account the “new grind system” vs “the old grind system”, thats a more polemic topic and I might do a post for that as well, because the new grind system also have a lot of pros that are worth to talk about.

Finaly, I know that Blizzard told lies about the “raw gold” that we can get, and even with the hotfix it might still be a lie, but that doesnt mean that this new system is worst than the old one. Plus, there are people that have allways hope for more and this change seemed to be what they were hoping for, but it still isnt, which is bad. But this two complains caused a lot of people to get blinded, and that have snowballed into an angry mob that belive that the new system is worst, when it is actually better and a step in the right direction. I am sure that those who overcome this changes will find out that HS is indeed becoming a better game.

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With the old system, I would usually get a 60g quest done and then win an additional 3-6 games per day (which with fast decks took like a half hour) for ~75g average gold earned per day

I’m level 19 now. In order to get to 20, I need 2700 xp. The daily quest rewards way less than half that, around 1100 XP. If I play my usual casual mode, with the fast aggressive decks (which are basically all I can afford in standard), I earn around 12-25 XP per win. That’s a LOT of grinding to get to 20. The weekly quests help, but what’s annoying is sometimes the rewards are old packs from old expansions. Just give me the damn gold. If I want to buy old packs I’ll buy old packs with the gold you give me. That’s like being rewarded a gift card, when everyone knows cash is better

So if you play fast decks, and not for very long each day, it seems slower to get rewards with the new XP system vs the old one

Edit: and this is even with that $20 battle pass

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Well, the good luck scenario (only 60 gold quests and only 1000 xp quests) also leaves the new system in a better place.

And, as I said at the end, I did not take into account the grinding. This was more about a comparison between “new quests rewards” vs “old quests rewards”.

I am aware that those whos play style was focused in playing aggro decks in ladder, will be heavily punished by this new system. In the other hand, other players will be more rewarded.

So you want to compare the value of a pack reward vs gold? Alright, lets try this thought experiment. If you were to be given 1 pack a week of the new Darkmoon Faire, how long would it take for the cards to be meaningful? Well, looking around you’ll see people who opened 40-100 Packs are still missing key cards. The value of 1 pack is pretty measly, if your collecting using this 1 pack of old stuff rewards, you’ll have a meaningful amount of them in about 2-3 years. Gold, allows someone to grind, save, and target buy Pity timer amounts worth of packs in a targeted area.
Each level of the rewards system should give gold. Sometimes 50, sometimes 300. If they wanna give an additional old set pack, that’s a nice little boost, an addition, but on it’s own. It’s such a small value. This is primarily why buying packs seems terrible too. The pity timers are so massive and the dust value is a joke. “Should I buy a pack and maybe get something fun to add?” “Well, I’m 38 away from a legend, 8 away from a epic. Is 40 dust worth real money… no, there’s no point in buying cuz I’m not gonna get anything but disappointment”.

I’ve never dusted cards I didn’t have 2 of, I love collecting all the cards available, as I can manage F2P style. But Above all, this get a pack, old or new, dust the duplicates for 40 dust. FEELS BAD. The game FEELS BAD. You need to make a system that FEELS FUN. Farming Gold, Seeing the bank account rise, then going into a card shop and making your purchases in hopes of good stuff. IS THE ESSENCIAL EXPERIENCE OF ALL CCG’s EVER.

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So we get less gold in return for a bit of fluff that might bring the new system back to par with the old one depending on how you value the fluff. At an additional cost of massively more grindy “weekly” quests and dramatically less choice in regard to modes.

Yes, this is why people hate the system. Changing “massively” less to only “slightly” less gold does not make the new system good for players. Its still taking a fundamentally bad system from before and just making it worse.

“Legendary = 200 gold”

A legendary is worth 2000 at least.

I get sick of aggro. I can’t afford to build control decks in standard. We are talking like 12k-ish dust. Not worth. And not only do I not rope, I play quick

This also means the people most penalized by the new system are the people who need cards most (smallest collection)

I think that i need to explain better why I valued the non gold rewards in that way.

First of all, it doesn’t make sense to assume that those rewards are worthless, and at the same time, it isnt realistic to give them their “true value” when there will be tons of people who might dispise the random things that they are getting. Thats why I stimated their value based on the dust that those things can give to us, which is the most objective thing to do.

So why Legendaries are worth 200 GOLD, epics 50 GOLD and old packs 20 GOLD?

Because, if a brand new pack is worth 100 GOLD, then being able to craft what you would get from a normal pack (plus being able to choose by yourself what you are getting) is woth 100 GOLD as well. So 200DUST=100GOLD and thats why…

A Legendary card = 400DUST = 200GOLD
An Epic card = 100DUST = 50GOLD
An Old pack = 40DUST = 20GOLD

I wasn’t arguing how you valued, was just saying that if we take your values as accurate the new system is still a raw deal for players. We gain little to nothing in exchange for a system that demands more time and gives us less choices.

It give us more choices, now we are not forced to play meta aggro decks in order to grind our rewards. With the new system we can get a consistent amount of XP while playing control decks, while experimenting, while having a bad win rate or by playing BG.

And again, the main focus of this topic was to specifically compare the rewards from the new quests vs the rewards from the old quests.

I agree that the change to give more reward for slower decks is very welcome. It is still a problem that slow decks are prohibitively expensive to craft, at least most that will function well on ladder

This means that players with the smallest collections get the least benefit. Aka the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

Also, in order to compare the rewards, there has to be a rate of xp/unit of time, versus the rate of gold/unit time with the old system

No, it doesn’t get rid of that compromise. When completing the ranked 7 wins, you’re still going to get that done faster with a fast deck. If you need to deal 200 damage to enemy heroes, fast decks still do that faster. All weekly quests have an optimal deck style to play, just as their was an optimal deck type before.

And even if we ignore quest difficulty because you play so much that all quests are done by default, all you’re doing is reversing the incentive. Because time spent in queue/between matches do not count to xp, the incentive goes onto slow decks because they have less time in queue. If all queues are a minute, the deck that plays 15 matches/hour spends far more time in queue than one that does 3/hour.

That has allways be a problem. And even tho this change isnt that greate, and doesnt fix that, it is still a step forward.

Yeah, free to play players normaly play a lot of aggro, and normaly playing aggro would have give them more. But there are players that are even below that, which are the bad players, players that might have some losing streaks, players that hit a cealing in the ladder were their win rate is less than 50%, players that need help, and getting progres for time and not for wins might be that help.

I want to do another post going deep on that. But basically something around 45 minutes of game play will give us 10 gold, not on the go, but we will being getting that over the time.

Having said all of this. I do think that in order for them to eradicate any feeling of this being worst, something should be done. Either giving us more XP by minute of gameplay, or cuting 50 of the bonus lvls but puting 5 coins along the trak, or even by bringing back the 3wins=10gold thing.

legendary = 400 dust = 10 packsx40 dust = 1000 gold not 200

basic math man…

Yeah, if we disenchant everything from a normal pack, we get 40DUST. But in order to craft what a normal pack give us, we need more. If not, an old pack would be worth 100 GOLD as well, but obviously a lot of people dont think that.

EDIT: Actually I did make a mistake. I assumed that we were able to craft 4 commons and one rare with only 200 of Dust, but we actually need 260. So I have to change that, and that means that “objectively” legendary cards worth less than 200GOLD