How do you counter nether portal?

Besides constant board clearing.

Create a board of creatures bigger than two 3/2s. Rinse and repeat every few turns.

How do you do that on turn 4? Some guy cataclysm and instantly completed the quest in one turn.

how did he discard his whole hand by turn 4? catalysm? If so, he is on top deck anw. and didnt do much first 4 turn. You probably can kill him from there.

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Not as control I cant. Not even really most aggro can kill you by turn 4. I got pretty close to killing him with an evasive drakanoid and 2 of those minions that make it so whatever the enemy attacks they take damage instead (forgot the name)

4 turn do nothing, clear your board. You fill the board again. He play 5 mana do nothing until end of turn. You go face. he will be dead in no time. Nether portal looks good on paper but discard mechanism is too bad for consistency. Generally they just cant do well.

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“How do I counter a rare and niche highroll consistently with my as-of-yet-unnamed Control deck? Please take my query seriously even though I have no intention of doing the same.”


But he instantly gets 6 free damage to trade into every turn and so he can afford to trade into everything you put on the board mid game and still fill his own board. I have no problem with the quest itself im just asking for a viable counter at turn 4, turn 4 lethal is not a valid answer because very very few decks atm are capable of turn 4 lethal.

why it isnt. When druid do nothing for 4 turn, they die. You are talking about a deck that discard his whole hand by turn 4 and do nothing on turn 5 just to summon 2 3/2 imps. He will be on top deck / life tap mode and you still have you hand, your board. Any board clear will keep you having your board for the next few turns and favourable trade. They wont turn the tide that easily even with the value generate by the quest itself.

Very rarely do druids with quest die by turn 4. You’re talking nonsense but even with your supposed example, warlock still has ways of getting large hand by turn 4 and having minions like the 2/1 that deals 2 damage and draws you a card, there’s also waterboy for the same effect, loothorder etc.


they dont die at turn 4, but they are dying at turn 4. And you can finish them off from there. Why do you think quest druid biggest weakness then was aggro deck? This is the same as warlock. Even better, warlock cannot heal 12 and summon a 6/6 taunt. If you drop their health low enough, the 3/2 imps not gonna save them.

No but they can draw a taunt and stop you from going face so that they can setup trade and stop you from building a board.

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And that’s their top deck. In fact a disco lock, how many taunt do they even run? So they need to have cataclysm on 4 and top deck taunt to stop you. I think the answer is clear enough, without god luck, you can counter nether portal. I haven even seen a discolock in ages. The 3/4 taunt life steal legend?

I beat one today, using an Albatross/Weasel Quest Paladin.

Topdecking terrible 1/1s is not really enough when you face constant Khartuts and a N’Zoth.

Not if you play Malchezzar’s Imp first, then you refill your hand. It’s a pretty standard play.

Oh, and on taunts, my discolock runs many. Especially the one that duplicates itself when I discard it. So yeah, hand is hardly guaranteed to be empty after a Cataclysm.

To OP: kill them quickly, or be overrun in the long game. Yes, it’s tough. That’s the point.

Flik Skyshiv? uh… Vanish? Keeping the board clear? Thoughtsteal? Eeh Lakari Sacrifice quest reminds me of Kobolds & Catacombs and me trying to have the boss discard her portal XD Nightmare

Go watch a YouTube video on it. A lot of salt from players trying to make it work.

If you can’t deal with one of the worst decks in Hearthstone history, how do you expect to deal with any halfway decent deck?

Also, if you’re playing Mage, and have a counterspell secret on hand… you can counter the nether portal spell. But, yeah, the deck itself is not very viable. It’s just fun.

Actually the interesting thing about it is that the deck itself isn’t bad at all.

The meta is that almost never stopped to be hostile to it.
We had a time during KoF were the deck got an really insane winrate but got it’s rise countered in less than a single week (yes, even before the cataclysm card).

In the end of the day the true enemy of that deck was that the quest reward is so weak that even decks it would win against with value end passing it in tempo enough to win.

Why it skyrocketed?
People relied to much on hero cards giving it time to get fueled.

To be fair, it’s not as simple as “his hand’s empty now” when the opponent gets 6/4 in stats in play every single turn. 6/4 draw a card (since you don’t use up a card) is worth 5 mana (see Big Ol’ Whelp). On the Cataclysm turn the Lock is at 1 mana less, so for 3 turns (compensating for the 1 mana discount on the 6 mana turn) the Warlock still plays perfectly on curve (and that’s assuming they can’t play any cards they draw, otherwise it’s even better for the Warlock). Add to that the Warlock’s Hero Power, and the Warlock has 5 cards in their hand when they reach 7 mana without having sacrificed their curve.