How do you counter nether portal?

If you’re playing control, you need to push your own win condition. Renolock, just dump your hand till you can pull of Nzoth and Bloodreaver Guldan. Discardlock is a crappy deck with a slow bleed quest completion.

Or aggro it down.

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Wait does flik keep the imps from respawning?

Hey now. I do just fine with mine.

I have tried playing discolock for a bit, and I generally agree with the consensus that it runs into a consistency problem.

The inevitable fact is, you will have games where you find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to to discard the wrong cards just to survive, and then you simply suffer a slow death after that…

Eh, I haven’t had that happen too often. The point of the deck is to have lots of options regardless of discards, with some protection for key targets. A one-of Plot Twist, for example, lets me stuff Bloodreaver back in my deck for later.