Hotfix for iOS Devices

Hey everyone,
Earlier this morning we released a client patch for iOS devices to address and fix an issue that was causing iOS devices to overheat and drain battery power at an accelerated rate. iOS users will need to download this new patch in order for the change to take effect.


Dang, now I need to guy buy actual hand warmers instead of just playing Hearthstone?

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As seen on Reddit:
Why don’t you call it a coldfix, just this once?


My iPhone is still getting very hot after one battleground

And battery consumed was a lot too

I keep my screen brightness down so it’s not my settings etc

I don’t think it’s as hot as it was yesterday but still quite hot

It’s very noticeable

I don’t think I got an update and if I did, my phone still runs hot after the game is only open for two minutes. I just went to my deck list too.

This is on my iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 13.7

I think it got updated when I launched the game, didn’t even notice the download as it was update was so small.

After one game no heating up and no drain, hope it stays that way

Yep I went to the App Store to download it but the update is out and works for me at least

Works perfectly thanks!