Hero power for demon hunter swapped on me from creating a deck to the first game

as the title reads, i was trying to play highlander demon hunter because the newest patch just enabled me to do so, but after i finished building my deck and got into a game, my hero power was changed and my treasure was the default one. i tried 3 separate times, each time in heroic mode and each time it changed my chosen hero power and treasure costing me 450 gold, very unfortunately.


I also tried making a demon hunter deck with the other hero power and mo’og treasure. I tried 3 separate heroic runs because I was excited I could finally try the other hero powers. All three times, once my first game started, I got the default hero power and treasure for each run. I retired the first run immediately hoping it was a one time bug.

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I had the same issue. Tried a hunter and demon hunter deck and each time my hero power reverted to the initial, my treasures stayed the same though. Not helpful when youve built a deathrattle deck and dont have the deathrattle HP! Both of mine were in heroic too.

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Same issue. I built my entire deck to fit the new hero power and when I saw that it switched to the old one and the s*itty treasure, I wanted to throw my laptop through the window. Always something with Blizzard…


EXACT same problem, both with mage and paladin. First time it happened, I thought I accidentally didn’t select correctly. The second time I made absolutely sure, and double checked the deck,only to have it all revert to the standard hero power and treasure. Since both decks were created with the new choices in mind, it was a complete waste of my gold. So much for the bonus 500g they gave us…

The thing is that I saw players with the new staff and I wonder how it works. Maybe they paid more or something…

I’ve seen a couple of people with the new powers, too, but I can’t get them to “stay”

This is a known issue, should be fixed soon: