Hero Cards should Start in the Mulligan

Hero Cards should Start in the Mulligan.

It’s weird.

We draw Minions , Spells , Weapons from our deck because none of them give Infinite Value.

Why are we Randomly Drawing Hero Cards that are stronger than Quest Rewards?


No, we draw them from our deck because that’s how card games tend to work.

Quests start in our hand because they require time and steps to be taken in order get their payoff. Hero cards, you can generally just play them and get obscene value from that point onward.


I’d love a tavern brawl or something based around KoTF* Loved that expansion, think it’s my favourite of all time

Kotft? KoFT? kfC?


That would be awesome. Now I get to ruin the fun for people by using an Uther OTK deck haha.


There’s always one. I remember the good old paladin OTK decks.

Luckily I run 30 copies of Mindbreaker.

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Best meta of all time, best xpac imho.


I’m sitting here looking at the cards, everything was so interesting, almost every class had a cool deck to play. There was something for everyone. The meta was a lot slower I guess (which suits me).

Even mage got some cool cards.

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I wouldn’t mind a way to counter a hero card being mindlessly played whenever.

Maybe a mechanic is in the works.
Just like someone saying spells should have to go through taunt.
(I said inb4 new spell shield mechanic soon™)

Maybe they are wording/reworking something with hero cards I hope so.
something like Negate next card regardless of type. lol which maybe would make it ok for them to be able to be in Mulligan

edit: wasnt @ you brawl lol multitasking here wanted to just normal post, mb


I’d find this hilarious as a mechanic attached to a minion like Okani but imagine the tears in the forums.

They couldn’t even deal with 5 random cards being milled by tickatus.


The game should allow ME to do things, but not my opponents. When my opponents do things, I lose, and that’s unbalanced.


My opponents playing/not playing cards is “uninteractive”.

Having an opponent is uninteractive.

Backwards world: achieved.

Really though, this brings up a psychological effect that I believe is overlooked in PvP games.

A lot of gamers are used to single player games where when you play the game well, you defeat the enemy, reap your rewards, and move on.

In a PvP game, especially something like a card game where randomness is a natural component of the outcome of things, you can play well and still lose. This results in a lot of people finding a 50% success rate to be absolutely abysmal and unfair, since doing things correctly is “supposed to” result in victory.

The thing is, you’re now facing another person who is also trying to do things correctly, not an NPC that was literally designed for you to defeat.


This is a good point. I heard a professional poker player say that, in poker, you can do everything right & still lose.

The same is true of this game.


The Rogue hero is so expensive it does not matter.

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Your Mindbreakers are nothing compared to Spellbreakers. You forget that this is before Spellbreaker was hall of famed haha.

Darn it, now I’m hungry.

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The old jaraxxus could be cheated out with dirty rat. Should be made possible with Shadowhunter vol’jin or mutanus.

Remember the spell that could kill a demon and you could insta-kill the hero with it?

That’s the point of luck in games: giving the worse player a chance, so it’s not a 100-0 matchup.

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The thing with RNG is that players seem to have expectations & are upset when those expectations aren’t met; essentially complaining that random is too random.