Hearthstone Update Stuck at Initialization

This has happened with the last few patches as well. Scan and Repair doesn’t help.

The only way I have been able to successfully update the last few months has been to do a complete Uninstall/Reinstall of the game.

Notes: I use a PC with a dedicated hardline to the internet. I get 12 up, 400+ down and 9ms. I can download and install HS in a matter of moments. After months of testing and monitoring, I can assure you any issue is not something on my end or my ISP.

Same here. What’s the problem and how do we fix it???

Same here.
On iPad Pro, fully updated.
Ever since update (yet again!) it is stuck on initializing.
Says Playful Sprites tap anywhere to reconnect …basically on a loop.
Small Code at top has all decks, collections etc at values=0

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