Hearthstone Pikachu

Hi, I watched this movie called Detective Pikachu today it is a Pokémon movie idk I figure most people know about Pokemon, anyway I also play WoW and one of my favorite things is Pet battles and finding and capturing and battling all the Critters WoW has to offer

So I got this idea for a Hearthstone expansion, like Critter Catastrophe or whatever they want to call it, but it would be based on all these Critters which are basically Pokemon, there’s even different types like Humanoids, Elementals, Undead, Dragon, etc, it’s all already in the game of WoW (there are like 2000 pets to pull from). But anyway, I hope they do this sort of Pokemon/Critter theme expansion with all these lovable and powerful and interesting pets as the main theme/focus. They can even have a new keyword “Capture” or something, I’m not a game dev so idk what it would do but I’m just saying the ideas are out there if they want to make such an expansion. I hope they do. Do you hope so too?

It could also introduce “Weather” effects like Darkness or Sandstorm or Sunshine or Rain etc, again all these ideas and things are already in the pet battles in WoW it should be an easy translation with lots of cool ideas from there to Hearthstone

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i don’t know why they would have little critters fighting for us rather than full size beasts and heroes and villains and humanoids and big things. but i guess to each their own, if people like the idea they’d probably do it.

Well they sorta already did it with Miniaturize but actually I think it could be called Critter Colosseum and they can be larger than the “pets” they are it would be like Pokemon Stadium, my main point was that there is so much they could do and pull from that people like myself love that they haven’t touched yet