Hearthstone Grandmasters 2021!

Hearthstone Grandmasters 2021!

We’re excited to reveal the changes to Grandmasters in 2021, as well as the start of Season 1!

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I wish these would go back to twitch so we could get drops.


Google/YouTube reportedly paid $160 millions to Activision/Blizzard for exclusive media rights for all their esports for 3 years. The deal was mostly focused on Call of Duty and Overwatch, because they bring in the largest audiences. Hearthstone was a complete afterthought in all of this, and the HS broadcast team is doing wonders considering the very limited resources they have right now.

I still watch, I just wish I could get free stuff for it. :joy:

Even when they’re on twitch I do most of my viewing later via YouTube where I can see highlights.

Looking forward to learning by watching the pros. Good times.

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One thing I like about catching up on YouTube is that you can pause it, decide what you would do in the situation, and then see what the pro does.


It still seems a bit off for the Grandmasters to be playing formats that aren’t built into the game. I wonder what the decks would be if they played in tournaments with just one deck vs. one deck per match.

Bonjour, votre programme des grandmatsers est entrain d’assassiner l’esport sur le jeu

I also would watch significantly more if it was on twitch. I just prefer the platform for live content. I prefer youtube for pre-recorded content.

I barely poke my head in on youtube live content.

I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on whether or not you should treat people with respect. I’m glad Blizzard did the right thing there.

join us. I’ll teach you how to do the exercises. You’ll love it. They will undergo a health course in the hospital before Blizzcon 2021.

Are there any competitions like this?

I did not see it but there is no tie-breaker rules for gm standings this season. Any thought?