Hearthstone Grandmasters 2021 Season 1 is Here!

Hearthstone Grandmasters 2021 Season 1 is Here!

The first Grandmasters season of 2021 begins Friday, April 9 only on YouTube!

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ill pass week 3-4 specialist same decks over and over not my cup of tea

And Zalae is gone, wow what a day what a time to be alive that guy was the biggest compulsive liar of all time

Imagine suppressing the nerfs at the cost of the playerbase for the sake of GMs only to put this broken clown fiesta into official esports. Hilarious.

is there any place where we can check the results of the matches played? i didnt found anything about the past days results

Here you can find results. And by pressing “i” button near the match you can find decks, match results and videos


And WHEN do I get my packs exactly?? Its been 5 days and nothing so far…

I got my packs last night!

I haven’t received any packs yet, have you still to give them out?

Same. I think we should wait

Is there somewhere we raise a ticket? 48 hours must have a different meaning where I am from.

I have already… the response is not helping…

Basically saying, if you dont get them - tough luck and try again next time.

Hey there,

Specialist Game Master XXX here and First, I want to thank you, Recently the number of tickets has gone up substantially and we appreciate your patience while we got this looked into. : )
Reading over the case and I am sorry to hear about the issues that bring you here today, checking into this and I am sorry to say this is not something support can manually verify or grant. Before you can receive rewards, you’ll need to link your YouTube and Battle.net accounts. Check out the link below for a full walk though on getting that done and how to earn drops.



If you feel you have encountered a bug, Please report it to us using the Hearthstone Bug Report Forum. Submissions posted there have the benefit of allowing a community discussion around high-impact bugs, which can occasionally help in prioritizing them. If you want to check on a bug, we also keep a list of known active issues at the top of that forum that all players can see.


I know this is not the answer you had hoped to hear today and truly do appreciate your understanding. If you need anything else please feel free to reach back out, we are always here to help. – Take Care and May the wind be ever at your back and the sun always shinning upon your face.

Yet another Failure of Packs to Drop…

Yes, I reconnected my YouTube. Yes, I ensured that I was logged in to BattleNet.

Maybe it’s just that I don’t watch enough stuff on YouTube that Blizzard wants to know about…? I presume that when I connected, the app could see my YouTube subscription channels and that was what Blizzard really wanted.

It’s a Big Ol’ Circle!

Start by complaining here about the lack of a YouTube drop…
Head over to support to fill out a ticket (with pictures!!)…
Get sent back to the ‘Bugs’ forum here to complain about it again…

Do I really want to watch another 4 hours of other people playing on YouTube the game that I want to play - - - and listen to all of that candy coated hyperventilating commentary - - - and try to ride this merry-go-round again - - - just so I can get a couple more card packs?? Maybe. Maybe not.

I just want to ask really quick, when is the next match? The website says there’s a match happening now, but I can’t find a way to get to the livestream of it…

thursday matches aren´t streamed afaik, it´s just friday through to sunday.

Oh okay, that kind of sucks… thanks though!