Hearthstone Duels isn’t Working

Every time I go to play Duels it give me an error message and tells me to try again later. It’s been doing that for days. Support documents said to restart the application multiple times which didn’t work and to delete the deck which is impossible for me to do. The only options I can select are View Deck (which doesn’t do anything) and Play (which gives an error message). Can somebody please help, duels is my favorite mode and I’ve been pretty bored lately lol.

I’ve been having a similar problem. It gave me a load of different characters to play as, but no matter which I picked, I ended up getting Drek’thar, who wasn’t even a character option. I also tried to retire him but it didn’t give me the option to

Hey there,

If you’re still experiencing this error please submit a ticket.

Customer Support can retire the bugged Duels run so that you may start another one.