Hearthstone Death Knight Cosplay Contest!

Hearthstone Death Knight Cosplay Contest!

Check out the Hearthstone Cosplay Contest rules, entry forms, and reference kits!

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RIP to those who thought it was going to be coop content

If none of these end up being skins I will be VERY upset.

I have three gusses for the cosplay references. I say this because similar designs are found in expansion cards.

  1. Rewards Track Hero Skin
  2. Battlegrounds Hero Skin
  3. Hero Cards (Aranna / Alleria / Khadgar / Yrel / Tyrande / Edwin / Garona / Annhylde)

Better hope they don’t have the contestants stream, otherwise they might not get their prizes!

Belle traduction! Une chevalière c’est une bague hein xD

This event was great! I hope there will be an update to the site showing all the entries; there were so many talented and skilled artisans and so few prizes to go around.

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