Hearthstone Creators social channels?

The article about Barrens party says:
“On March 22, 16 Hearthstone Creators will take to their social channels to source desklists from YOU to play during Theorycrafting Livestreams. Each creator will select one winner, with that winner earning a free Mega Bundle code!

Unfortunately, the article does not contain any link. I searched the forums, I searched the net, but no success. So can someone help me out, where are these so called social channels where i can post my decklist?

Also, the article continues with
“Next up, a Reddit Mega Bundle giveaway! That’s right, we hooked the Hearthstone Subreddit up with another 100 Mega Bundle codes to giveaway on Wednesday, March 24.”
But no further instructions, link etc. So if someone can give hint about that, I would appreciate it too :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, and sorry if this was a n00b question.

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a lot of them are on twitch, some are on youtube

Okay, but how do I find them?

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go to twitch and then go to the hearthstone section?

Go to twitch and type in their names.

Okay, got it, thanks :slight_smile:

  1. You will need to reply to the content creators’ threads on Twitter. For example,


  1. Look for the giveaway thread on the Hearthstone Reddit page:
    It hasn’t happened yet so you will need to visit on the right day to be able to participate.
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Im an upcoming creator if ur still interested in HS ^^

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Props to the ones still around and the new ones; you guys are filling massive gaps the devs leave in the content, like accessing information (especially stuff like this, ironically).