Hearthstone Celebrates Lunar New Year!

Hearthstone Celebrates Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year brings new quests, a fan favorite tavern brawl, and new thematic cosmetics!

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This Wednesday all players will celebrate the Lunar New Year!!! So many novelties are waiting us!!! :tiger:

  1. We have an amazing opportunity to have some card packs from last expansions from Year of the Gryphon!!! Tomorrow we will start to complete a Legendary Quest Chain!!! :stars:
  2. I found a new wonderful bartender - Elder Starsong!!! She looks so charming and fascinating!!! :star_struck:
  3. I was very amazed with new Three Kingdoms themed Battlegrounds heroes skins!!! They look so festively and cheerfully!!! :sparkler:

I really want to get new cosmetic skins in my collection!!! :gift:

Thank You for long-awaited heroes!!! I will buy them!!! :dizzy:

Well, as was in Zeddy’s video, all other games get some discounts, great offers, and so on. We at the same time, get a great card back and some skins :clown_face:

It is just sad, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


i made a bug report. I’m gonna say it here too.
stuck on resume after rage quitting on my 3rd loss in duels. please tell me this is being addressed.
there’s a fix online about using android bluestacks and spam clicking the center screen to make it go past the duels cover art but its a jury rigged solution that dosnt work all the time.


Didn’t allow Hearthstone to access my Google Drive.

Don’t use google. Problem solved??

Dear Team 5!!!

Thank You for another elaborated idea about limited event for Mercenaries, which I offered on December 21 in topic “Ideas for Blizzard (Free Your Mind Hack-A-Thon Traditionsand)” (“Community Discussion”), which You added in the Patch 22.4, launched on February 15! :+1:

I was very happy that day, when I saw the special limited event for Mercenaries! It was the biggest surprise for me! I’m very proud of your team and I want to help to make a game the best in the world! :trophy:

Wish You a good luck and more creative ideas!!! :milky_way:

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