Hearthstone Battlegrounds cheaters

Has anyone else been running into alot of suspect playing lately in battlegrounds? Ive had players have golden units on turn two of the game. Ive had players have 70/120 minions on like turn 5. Ive had people be tavern tier 6 by turn 5. Ive seen people have 3 goldens by like turn 5 as well. When does all the cheating stop? Why does blizzard just turn a blind eye to people who blatantly cheat and they will do nothing about it?


How do you know they’re cheating? How do you think they’re doing it?


By cheating, of course.

I don’t think they are cheating, but there are some jaw dropping highrolls today. I have had one my worst days ever in bg with some just horrendous beats.

I got smashed for 36 on turn 9 today by an elemental god roll on trade prince.

It has been a brutally fast day in BG and idk what’s different.

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Yeah there’s been a whole lot of it lately, it’s making BG’s sort of disgusting and abusive. I’m not convinced things like Trade Prince gathering and executing just the right number of resells to obliterate the first person they go against once the damage limit drops are not bots. The piggy bank pirate has been doing a lot of the same, along with Galewing, Reno but he’s always played that way so it stand out less, and similar hero’s.

I don’t think it’s actual cheating, but a lot of it is abusing the shared minion pool mechanic and freezing low level triples while you rush to tavern 5 like a 6* groupie.

I’m not surprised if this actually a khadgar making minions golden.

That really only works for a few select minions, actually I can’t think of any except for the 1/1 cat duo. What do you mean?

Some of it could also be darkmoon fair prizes and hero powers. I know I’ve turned a triple on turn 2 before but I can’t remember who the hero was or which minion but it was a very specific scenario that wouldn’t typically happen. Like Trade Prince and 3 cat duo’s after selling the little gutter kitten or water elemental or something equally stupid.

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I mean in battlegrounds you can use khadgar as a way to get triples pretty quickly. 1/1 cat duo is one of it. But there are others that doubles itself.

It might work for the 4* “discover a minion of a type you don’t have” but I’m not sure. It fortunately does nothing for Naga spells.

Discover does not work for Khadgar. It has to be deathrattle spawned from it or minions spawn minions.

Ah, right, but deathrattles wouldn’t spawn a triple since it’s an in battle effect unless it’s also paired with an avenger and it’s just proccing more minions to add onto the avenge.

Brann + Token Spawn minions = easy triples.

Tickatus + Darkmoon Faire game mode = 2 DMF prizes every 4 turns. ~ Easier to get Triples/ OP Board Early game

Staying rank 1 til 7 mana and upgrading twice to get to rank 3 in the same turn = Easily can get a rank 1 triple perhaps x2.

Great Luck RNG giving you 3 of the same minion on the same refresh.

Cutter Butter stealing from opponents to gain mega board presence early/ early triples when no one else could have.

Plenty of these can be augmented by the DMF mode going on. Or other hero powers either active or passive. Plenty of ways to get there, just gotta be lucky enough to have the right hero, right game mode, and RNGeesus being with you.

You forgot the part where if you do one of these things, that same trick, possibly all of them, will either not work or horribly backfire the next 2-3 times you try it. I swear the game prevents you from always making perfect moves in the same fashion. Like having too many wins with Patches and he only summons the worst pirates for the next 3 games you pick him on.

I think the only cheaters in BG are the skip animations one. Especially obvious when it comes to APM pirate builds.

I believe that the amount of cheating in Battlegrounds has increased in the last few months. As far as I can tell, it’s simply not possible to have two or three minions with 3-digits stats (like 107/140) by turn 5 or 6 without cheating. If it is possible, I’d sure as heck would love to know how they are doing it because I’m tired of losing to them! At best, with certain heroes and abilities, I can get my minions up to mid 2-digit (like 40/50), not higher. Blizzard’s response: none.


I justgot beaten by a guy playing Forest Warden Omu who was tavern 5 with one triple but has Sister Deathwhisper, Eternal Summoner and Colossus of the Sun.

Tried to take two screenshots but both i was hovering over to get the tavern level so you can only make out Colossus in the background but 100% they had 3 level 6 minions at Tavern level 5 with only 1 triple showing on the blue triple up icon.

Am I missing something here?

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True. It was pretty early on so did not consider those. If so, one high roll game geez. Thanks!

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Today I played a game where my opponent had 6 creatures on turn 2. In another game, my opponent had one creature (late in game though) that had stats 52/350 and several others with stats in 3 digits. I cannot imagine any way those two situations are possible without some form of cheating. Even with buddies, triples, blood gems and more, I cannot think of a way either of those two situations could occur. If there is, I wish someone would tell me because I can rarely get a creature past 2 digit stats and they’re usually in the 50s. I’d love to know how the higher stats are possible.

It depends on which hero, Millhouse for instance, can easily have 6 minions turn two with beasts because minions only cost two gold .