Hearthstone AI - C'Thun 249,249 damage!

This game is so ridiculous and cheats so bad!!! I’m only on gold 10, Wild Mode, but the Heartstone AI always cheats!!! I’m so sick of this cheating AI!!! Is my account on legendary hard mode or something, so I can’t advance???

The Hearstone AI alwaysssssss pulls a rabbit out the hat and can use any card it wants! The Heartstone AI knows what cards are in my hand and controls which cards I draw next! It alwaysssss burns the rope and use extra time without timewarp! It just keeps going and going!

The Hearstone AI built C’Thun up to 249,249 damage, but I still was able to win. I know I wasn’t lucky, rather the game let me win. It makes you think you got lucky or you’re good, but you’re not… it’s all by design!!!

I rarely play real players and hardly never in Gold, Wild Mode. Why not???

Copy and paste to watch video:

From your board I can see that you play
Big demons
I doubt there’s any optimised deck that works with those 3 packages, especially the first one, especially with small demons in your deck
So my first guess is that you are just stuck because you don’t play good decks

From the opponent board they play a shudderwock c’thun shaman… which I’m not aware of being an actual thing in the meta
So your opponent is also not playing a really good deck. I’d even argue that they are playing a deck they find fun and may not even really try to win
And I really don’t believe the AI would play this deck as it’s a combo deck

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