Hearhstone Lag/Choppy in game

After the last update I’m assuming?

Never had issues before but it’s very choppy/laggy/low FR and even making me misplay cards/sell cards in battlegrounds etc.

Tried updating drivers, clearing caches, reinstalling the game. Not sure what else I can try?

I am having lag also, peaking at the end of the game especially when playing pirates with hoggar. The game almost crashed in the end. Tried everything also.

i cant login to heartstone for already some hours…just loading and getting TIME OUT error…and chats in bnet app are laggy, cant send message, load some things etc

Having the same issues - massive lag and animation freezing during both the buy and combat phases. The problem is getting worse with every new patch, and is resulting in the game freezing up for 30+ seconds every turn, combat taking twice as long as it should, buy animations stuttering and misplaying, seconds disappearing suddenly when there’s 5-10 seconds supposedly left on the timer…

Its really frustrating, to say the least. It is not my PC, its not my internet connection, its not ‘needing to update Battlenet’ - its clearly issues on Blizzard’s server end. Makes the game basically unplayable beyond turn 8 or 9.

Im having the same exact issue. Constant freezing & disconnecting. Hard to make it through a single game. I’ve tried graphics settings, graphics card driver changes, uninstall & reinstall & nothing working. I do wonder if this might be a Windows 7 issue because if everyone was having this issue no one would be playing.