Happy Nozdormu Day!

I don’t think I did. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I did not, which is very strange. Someone forgot to clicky the buttons right.

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I’m not sure I even know what this is supposed to mean. How does one “farm” Nozdormu players?

Like I’m sure a lot of others do, I pop Noz in a deck and have fun with it. Also, you can’t really be farmed in casual.

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Me neither. Hmm… perhaps they removed it?

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I didn’t get it either.

Copied from 23.4 known issues thread.


There’s no excuse for this. I demand the XP I would’ve gotten from the quest. Also, I want a refund on all of my purchases, but I want to keep the cards. Unacceptable.

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Love how the response from the Team is essentially “Oops! We messed up! Well, sucks to be you lot, I guess!”

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Essentially, though if you feel like having a couple of friendly matches by slotting in Nozdormu into a random deck, that can be arranged!

Edit: EU btw

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I’m still waiting for Nozmordu mode. The only requirement is you must have Nozmordu in the deck you select to play with. All cards would be legal.

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They could have at least dropped us an extra daily to offset the XP loss.

greed is good, i guess

Well, it’s that time of the month again, folks. What deck are we throwing this suboptimal card into? :smile:

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If I tried to play a game where each side gets 15 seconds to play, I would probably give myself a heart attack.

No thanks.

Hehe. 15 seconds isn’t enough time for me either. Fortunately, it’s pretty uncommon to run into other opponents with it in thier decks (at least in ranked).

do you struggle on fps games?

I don’t play FPS Games; I’m not a wannabe mass murderer.

you wouldn’t be a mass murderer if you need more than 15s to make a decision lol

It’s 15 seconds per turn, not decision.

What is the point of this conversation?

The quest finally is working for me this time around. Praise Nozdormu! :mantelpiece_clock: :dragon: