Grandmasters 2020 Season 1 Viewer’s Guide

Grandmasters 2020 Season 1 Viewer’s Guide

The first season of Grandmasters 2020 is here!

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No packs = nobody cares


Wow amazing, they lucky I didn’t join cause Would win it all. So I pass this time, anyone who wanna challange me bring it on. I Play any class you want.

Haha I for sure won’t be interested…


never have watched any stupid tourny even if I got a card pack would not watch it worthless.


I see matches are happening today but no coverage? Confused at the moment.

Any packs? One of the reason people watch it.


This new format sucks because you don’t broadcast half the week. Fix it.

Rooting for my boy Thijs as always :smiley:

He’s right.

This man’s right.

Blizzard, wake up!

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How in the world did Blizz think it was a good idea to move these tournaments to YouTube? Bring back Twitch card packs please…

If your argumentation for returning to Twitch is “I want the free packs”, then it’s unlikely you’ll convince anyone.
If you have arguments why watching the games on Twitch is more enjoyable, or why more people might watch on Twitch, that might help convince Blizzard.

Oh, and by the way … Twitch drops are still happening, just not on Blizzard’s tournament channel anymore. Now you can, during specific periods, get packs from watching high profile Hearthstone streamers.

Shall we alert each other here so that we all benefit?

Btw, there’s one coming up 9am 21 April PT. Max two packs watching HS channel on Twitch.