Get Fired Up, the Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set is Here!

Get Fired Up, the Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set is Here!

Raid Onyxia’s Lair in Hearthstone’s all-new, 35-card Mini-Set!

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Dear and respected developers!!!

With the happiness I will start to play with new cards from Mini-Set!!! :fire:

I collected 2 thousands of gold specially for new cards!!! :+1:


Do Onyxia’s Whelps spawn on the left side of Onyxia? :wink:

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That gold price is WAY too high. Drop it to 35-40 and it would sell much more.

Edit: gold card, not the 2000 gold for the regular miniset


I’m just gonna feel sorry for the chumps with all gold cards tbh


I’d really hope hearthstone hires you, because $39.99 was exactly I was going to pay at the most for golden mini-set


Hey, team 5, since you still haven’t made good from the dust debacle (you honestly thought we had forgotten?) give everyone the golden set for free.


That really whould not be possible for the simple fact not everyone got dust…

It’s pretty simple. Everyone who logs in gets the golden set. Simple as.

Which is another problem, and another reason they need to make good for the entire playerbase. They took it from pretty much everyone (more than was given), and to date, nothing has been done to fix it.

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I actually may have seriously considered splurging and getting the golden mini set. It seems reasonably priced (still a little high, truthfully, though) when compared to the “regular” golden bundles, and I would actually likely be inclined to purchase it because it’s giving specific cards and more “value,” so to speak.

UNFORTUNATELY, that dust incident happened, and I have yet to see any sort of news indicating something more satisfactory will be done to remedy it. As a result, I will NOT be purchasing this set out-right as I normally would; rather, I’m grabbing it with gold - not a huge stand, but it’s something.


Yay more cards. Looking forward to creating something with the new warrior dragon!

only thing that remotely interests me from this set is the treasure legendary tbh.

They would spawn around her, that’s how those cards normally work that fill the board.

You’ve missed the joke.

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**this is my first post on these forums, but I just want to say I am a veteran of wow mostly arena/pvp for at least 10 years (on and off) BUT I logged on hearthstone one day after they added mercenaries and arenas and stuff and I have to say I am extremely satisfied and impressed with the game and the perfection/creativity that goes into it. I cant wait for this new bundle because the cards are awesome and so perfect with the current meta**

I like doing casual matches with players to get better and to make new decks so hit me up if you want, my tag is


on US servers


hope everyone had a nice valentine’s day!

For what it’s worth, I have too, lol! I did realize there was probably something, but my knowledge of Warcraft is limited at best - only have a little knowledge thanks to Hearthstone and 30 days worth of gameplay from a few years back (got the Warcraft 3D movie new, which included a 30 day subscription). Could you elaborate, please? I would appreciate it very much! :slight_smile:

Search youtube for “50 dkp minus”. The first result should be “Onyxia wipe animation”.
It’s a voice recording (with crude animation) of an Onyxia raid. One of the lines is “many whelps, left side!”, hence why the tongue-in-cheek question of if whelps will spawn only to Onyxia’s left side.

EDIT: For those interested, DKP (Dragon Kill Points) are a form of informal currency that a guild (collection of like-minded players) might use. Players earn DKP by completing certain quests, dungeons or raids (large dungeons that require solid, cohesive play from multiple players, usually 10 or more), or by killing certain bosses. Players then can spend this DKP on items that drop from bosses.
This is typically a little fairer than pure random chance, as it tries to ensure that a single player doesn’t get multiple items in a row, and if an item that you’re looking for doesn’t drop, you get to save your DKP for future drops.

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Hey so I have posted multiple times on the but forum, and gotten no admin response to the fact that a bunch of players, myself included, have been unable to access duels mode at all. I am hoping that this patch addresses the issue, and hopefully positing here will get the problem some recognition.

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Today I’m very happy for several reasons: :star_struck:

  1. I bought the “Onyxia’s Lair” mini-set and earned so many achievements in collection category!!! :stars:
  2. Now I can make my deck more powerful and more effective with new cards from mini-set!!! :+1:
  3. I’m going to buy a new Battlegrounds board - “The Jade Gardens”, because I’m the biggest fan of Pandaria!!! :rice_scene:
  4. I saw new heroes in the shop at this morning and I was admired by them!!! Brave and majestic Anduin with baby lion, grand Illidan among tigers, charming and blooming Lunara, intrepid and powerful Garrosh!!! This is a really amazing and incomparable work!!! I was dreaming about new heroes skins and now I can supplement my collection!!! :gift:
  5. I’m going to supplement my collection with new mercenaries, buying “Year of the Tiger Bundle” and " Long’xin Celebration Omega Bundle", because I’m the biggest fan of Pandaria and I really want to get cute legendary dragon Long’xin and famous white tiger Xuen!!! :milky_way:
  6. I hope that in these bundles I will find my adored Niuzao and Yu’lon mercenaries!!! :confetti_ball:
  7. Waiting a new limited time event!!! Really want to complete a chain of 10 exciting event tasks as fast as I can and earn a brilliant Chi-Ji mercenary!!! :boom:

I haven’t seen this much spam since the deacon was throwing cans of it out in Waterworld!