Game won't start "Your game timed out "

For the past day, I can’t get past the loading screen of Hearthstone on my iMac. I keep getting “Your game timed out as it was requesting data from the Hearthstone utility service. Please relaunch Hearthstone to reconnect”. I had read in another thread that the developers think that there is an issue with certain ISP’s. But I’ve ruled that out as the game plays perfectly fine on my PC, Phone and my MacBook Pro all using the same WIFI. ISP does not seem to be the problem. There seems to be a local issue on the hard drive. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, scanned for repairs to no avail.

Hey, Razabam! Thank you for the details here! In most situations “Your Game Timed Out” is a connection related error, but we have seen local system or system network issues cause this error too, along with possible account-side issues.

For the local and system network concerns, these steps might help.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, we’ll want to look into this issue further and check for a few things on our end. Could you contact our technical support team if the suggestions above does not resolve the issue?

Thanks for the reply. I followed all the steps, but I’m still not able to log onto the Americas server which is where my collection is located. I can however log onto the Europe and Asia servers for some reason. Any further guidance? Also, how do I go about contacting tech support? Thanks in advance.

Hey, Razabam! Thanks for giving those a try. You should be able to contact our technical support team here! It should request system data if it prevents you from submitting the ticket. I’m not sure why it didn’t link before, but let us know if you have any issues with that link or submitting the ticket :slight_smile: