Friend of a friend


So i heard this card is going to be removed from the BG pool tomorrow as a balance update.
While friend of a friend was a very strong card i think it was a pretty awesome card as well and i am sad to see it go so quickly after it has come out. I did like everything about the card. Even the artwork did feel very appropiate somehow.

Now this card will go,why so fast. Why not give us at least 1-2 weeks to have fun with this card instead while gathering a bit more data just to be sure. So ya,sad to see this card go,it was a very fun card that did shake up the meta.

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It’s being abused by high ranking players and destroys the game.

If you want the summary: He gets an early brann and turns that into Nadina, Kalecgos, two Golden dongs with DS and poison and two reg dongs with DS and poison on turn 11.

Turn. 11.

You could also lowroll with it. I dont know,the card was a bit to strong maybe but it was also a very fun card. I am sad its gone so fast,1-2 more weeks would have been nice. I mean,we had to deal with diablo for like 3-4 weeks and this card is gone within 1 week.


it should be a tier 7 minion

There’s the dev official statement post.

It was game breaking for sure.

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1 thing they should’ve tried first was to remove the Battlecry and instead make it “when you play this minion”. So basically, the same thing, but without keyword support removing the ability to combo with Brann.


I go to miss my friend card and now I no have the friends.