Friend of a Friend Leaving Battlegrounds

Hello all,

We wanted to let you know that the Friend of a Friend minion is being removed from Battlegrounds in an upcoming hotfix patch, currently scheduled for Wednesday.

A note from the Developers about this change:

Friend of a Friend led to drastic power spikes when combined with Brann, and drove play patterns requiring an extremely high number of actions per turn. While we think there is room in the game for these types of strategies, in this case it proved too pervasive and game-warping for the overall health of the game.

We know that some players have really enjoyed Friend of a Friend. Looking forward, we think it’s important to continue to push the boundaries of the game and explore what we can bring into it, but we also think it’s important to try to respond quickly when we’ve pushed too far. Keep an eye out for exciting updates as we continue to explore and fine-tune Battlegrounds to make it the best game mode it can be!


A shame really, but makes sense since that combo was super busted!


What about removing Amalgadon while at it?


literally has been a few days lmao, its not even that oppressive and possibly such a bad 6 star card.


Friend of a Friend is the perfect Tier 7 Minion


You are wrong the card is really over powered. I just won getting the nzoth buddy and golden an omega buster and steam roll every body in my lobby. Turn 10 by the way.

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Like only getting by tripling on tavern 6 ? it could be an idea

It’s abused at high MMR with brann to fish for broken and with brann it’s free.

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It could work like Tad. Something like “When you sell this, add a buddy to your hand”/“When you sell this, discover a buddy”.


Why not nerf it? No more discover, but add a random buddy to hand instead.

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I think this would have been the superior change. Make the “fishing for broken” less efficient.


I could not agree more, buddies are cool and buddies from other classes is fun as heck. Thats why rafaam, scabs and tess are my favorite heros so far.

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Ok, I understand this but maybe change it to Discover a Buddy, remove the battlecry??

Also, not sure if Im the only one that feels this way but the Leapfrogger/Macaw/Baron combo is also OP. I think the leapfrogger should be nerfed. Instead of it saying Deathrattle: Give a friendly Beast +1/+1 and this Deathrattle .
change it to say Deathrattle: Give a friendly Beast +1/+1

I love the responsiveness of the BG team-- they saw a problem and didn’t hesitate to address it. great job.

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Hahaha i actual wonder if they even do testing i legit think they dont and this kind of proof it

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I gotta agree, removing here is better than doing nothing.

But let’s bring him back with “Battlecry: add a random Buddy to your hand” (no Discover) soon.


That’s really, really disappointing.

The card is incredibly fun, and while it’s definitely overpowered, it’s really easy to fix it.

Just make it something like “When you sell this minion, discover a Buddy”, or even “When you sell this minion, add a random Buddy to your hand”. Voilà, problem solved. If that’s still too powerful, it’s very easy to balance too, just remove the most powerful Buddy from the options (aka, Tickatus’) and the card is nerfed.

And that’s just one example, there’s plenty of ways to fix the issue. I really don’t see why they’d go straight for the nuclear option and remove one of the most fun minions they’ve ever created.


the card gave a new breath to the fun part of the game, & now u wanna remove it, not even rework it,


I like that Avenge is a mechanic that is harder to trigger, I sense that friend of a friend is going to become an Avenger, maybe some kind of arachnid-human hybrid?